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Elle Smith

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Elle Smith

Birthdate:  February 7, 590

High School Class of 608

Elle Smith is creatively gifted, especially in the area of music, and math.  She is very self-conscious and feels that she doesn’t fit in.  Part of that comes from being the “withdrawn” one, in her family.  Her sister, Kylie, is a natural leader, and her brother, Michael, is the one that cheers everyone up. Part of her feeling that she doesn’t belong, comes from realizing that other kids haven’t had to deal with things she has, all her life.  Things like food insecurity, not having a place to call her own, even in her own home, and strange people in and out of the house at all hours.

Elle’s mother is serving a long sentence in prison on drug charges, and Elle’s older sister, Kylie, cares for her now.

Elle chose performing arts for her sophomore year elective at school.

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  1. maisie says:

    I hope that she’s able to get a good education, it’s hard enough with her Mom incarcerated and having to deal with discrimination in school. She has a really unique look, I like her profile quite a bit. I’m looking forward to knowing her more, she’s already one that I’m rooting for, and hope that the performing arts is a good place for her to connect and express herself.

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