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Sleep, Baby, Sleep

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Sleep, Baby, Sleep

Take Me to the Moon 5.32

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Sleep, baby, sleep

TS4 2015-11-05 05-28-36-68

Your father tends the sheep

TS4 2015-11-05 05-29-04-48

Your mother shakes the dreamland tree

TS4 2015-11-05 05-26-54-96

And from it fall sweet dreams for thee

TS4 2015-11-05 05-26-59-18

Sleep, baby, sleep

TS4 2015-11-05 05-37-27-22

Sleep baby, sleep

TS4 2015-11-07 12-03-35-30

Our cottage vale is deep

TS4 2015-11-07 12-03-40-44

The little lamb is on the green

TS4 2015-11-05 05-31-45-54

With snowy fleece so soft and clean

TS4 2015-11-05 05-33-35-45

Sleep, baby, sleep

Welcome, little Fearghus, and congratulations to Ewan and Zoe for their healthy little boy, and Felicity, who is now a big sister.

I used to sing this song to my children, every night with a medley of lullabies.


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  1. Carla says:

    How lovely! Welcome little Fearghus. I don’t think I’ve heard this lullaby before.

    • I must have had this lullaby on a CD I got when my oldest was born, because I’d never heard it before she came along. A quick search of google didn’t find a good version of the music or voice, so I didn’t post it, but it is really pretty and soothing. Thanks for commenting, Carla!

  2. Beautiful!! I loved this SO much!! 🙂

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    Feargus! That’s an unusual name, or at least a spelling I haven’t seen before.

    A little boy for generation F. Wonderful. I can’t wait to see him as a little boy.

  4. maisie says:

    Aww a son! Love it! Felicity looks pretty enamored with him. <3 Fearghus is adorable, what a gem.I’m unfamiliar with that lullaby as well, it’s very sweet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love the story progression in later generations because in the start of a legacy it’s like: Bob gets a small home, he meets and starts dating Sarah, they decide to get married and have a kid named John but then through reading further into legacy blogs it’s more slower and better with more story to it.

  6. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story and thanks so much for taking time to comment! This story is definitely getting slow and drawn out! I keep thinking I’ll try to speed it up a little, but never seem to manage because there’s too much story to tell.

  7. cathytea says:

    I love this lullaby, too! One of my favorites! And congratulations on Fearghus! Great name!

  8. llamacorn says:

    That’s ewans first child as his last was an aliens I think

    • Hey there, thanks for commenting! Actually, Fiona is half alien, but she is Ewan’s niece, the daughter of his sister Elise and Ranen the alien. Ewan’s first child was Felicity, who was his and Zoe Patel’s. Thanks for reading!

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