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Sixty Chapters Into A Legacy Story: Make the Most of the Days

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Sixty Chapters Into A Legacy Story: Make the Most of the Days

Take Me to the Moon 5.23

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This is Chapter 60 of the Tesla Family Story!

We aren’t sticklers for official legacy rules around here, and since Ewan has thousands and thousands of aspiration points saved up, and he, Zoe, and Ranen were all on the verge of becoming elders, he was passing out youth potion like candy after returning from the camping trip.    Elise was the only young adult of the group, but to keep her in sync with everyone, she took some too.  She had enough potion for herself, and Ewan supplied Ranen, Zoe, and himself. Delaney and Alexander declined, saying there was no need to spend anymore points on keeping them young.  We made them put some in their inventory anyway, just in case they changed their minds.  They’ve both gotten the notification that there time is near, and they should make the most of the days they have left.

TS4 2015-08-02 13-06-44-86

This is Ewan’s new work outfit.  Elise thinks maybe he’s trying to impress the artistic types at his job, because although she says he often seems to be unaware of social norms, she’s never seen him dress like that before!  Zoe was just about to be promoted to Regional Manager in the Business career.

TS4 2015-08-02 13-18-37-94

As soon as Elise got up, the morning after the family returned from Granite Falls, she began to prepare to grow a Death Flower plant, which requires grafting an orchid and a pomegranate plant together. Orchids require lily and snapdragon to be grafted; and pomegranate requires apples and cherries to be grafted together.   She has already planted an apple tree, strawberries, and snapdragon plants, and still needs to collect a lily, and a cherry, or find a pomegranate by fishing in Sylvan Glade.

TS4 2015-08-02 13-23-16-01

But before continuing her Death Flower project, it is time for Elise to report to the lab.  Her official title now is Technological Innovator and she supervises most of the other scientists.   It is a job which is made even easier with her “Terrorizer,” or sim ray gun.   She has upgraded it so that it affects others’ brain waves and makes them more responsive to the slightest suggestion.  I had a lot of hesitation about mind control, but Elise sure does get a kick out of it, and doesn’t seem to have much moral compunction against it.

TS4 2015-08-02 13-33-53-13

Elise to male co-worker: “The staff area needs some clean-up.” (Having just frozen another co-worker and changed her clothes with the Terrorizer).

Alexander and Delaney have been enjoying their retirement together.  (Delaney’s not officially retired, but she has so much time saved up she’ll probably never need to go into work again.)

TS4 2015-08-02 13-43-24-78

Alexander goes out to the family graveyard at least a couple times a day, and often Delaney will go out there and lend emotional support to him or share his burden.

TS4 2015-08-04 15-20-14-34

Of course,  Elise and Delaney point out to me that there are also other sims in the house whose friendship and love bars are maxxed out.

TS4 2015-08-02 13-51-41-96

Again, Elise is looking right at the camera.

Delaney and Elise were sitting on the sofa after work one evening, chatting, when Felicity decided to model a new look.

TS4 2015-08-02 13-53-11-22

Even for her niece, Felicity, Elise doesn’t censor her reactions.

It’s Felicity’s outfit for Animal Hat Summer Camp!  And I don’t know what Elise was scoffing at, but I think it is adorable!

TS4 2015-08-02 13-53-19-84

Meanwhile, Ewan started serenading Zoe

TS4 2015-08-02 13-54-40-40

Until Grandma Maddi showed up and started playfully pestering her.

TS4 2015-08-02 13-55-40-54

They are quite a pair of goofballs,  Triple G (as Fiona calls her) and Zoe.

TS4 2015-08-02 13-56-22-32

Fiona came running when she heard the commotion, and was so excited to see her Triple G, who was making her first appearance in this form.

“You look different, Triple G!  You are green and see-through, is it fun?!”

TS4 2015-08-02 13-58-08-35

“Felicity and I are getting ready to go to Animal Hat Summer Camp!” she told her excitedly.

TS4 2015-08-02 13-58-22-26

“Triple G, you’d love it there!  We get to have lots of unstructured play time, and field trips, and cupcakes!”

TS4 2015-08-04 15-22-42-48

“I don’t know what cupcakes are, Fiona, but they sound fun,” said Maddi.

“I’ll write a letter and tell you about them after I have some,” Fiona reassured her.

TS4 2015-08-04 15-23-39-49

“What are you looking forward to, Felicity?” Maddi asked her.

“I’m looking forward to playing the violin or piano some,” Felicity said.  “And I don’t know what it will be like, exactly, but it will be good to have new experiences and meet new people.”

TS4 2015-08-04 15-24-04-65

Felicity looked upset while she was eating her supper, leftovers from Granite Falls, so Fiona went over to her to check on her.

“I like your new heart earrings,” Fiona said.  “They look nice with your outfit.”

TS4 2015-08-04 15-25-24-36

“Triple G, something is bothering Felicity,” Fiona said.

TS4 2015-08-04 15-25-42-20

With a cousin and two grandmas, there aren’t many problems that can’t be fixed.  But Felicity was feeling overwhelmed.  “The house is always so messy,” she said.  “I always feel so aggravated about the dishes, and books, and things just left out all the time!”

“We’ve cleaned everything up, though, Felicity!” Fiona said.   “I don’t know why you’re still upset.”

TS4 2015-08-04 15-26-39-88

Ewan doesn’t usually put away books, but early the next morning, he was the one who found the culprit and made everything better for Felicity.  He searched the great room, and found one book that hadn’t been put away.  (Actually, I thought this was the culprit, but while remodeling the house later I found dishes stuck in the kitchen cabinets.)

TS4 2015-08-04 16-45-28-92

Before heading off to work, Elise was able to evolve her snapdragon plant.

TS4 2015-08-04 15-45-12-14

She looks like she’s willing her plant to evolve out of sheer determination.

Delaney returned from an early morning trip into space.

TS4 2015-08-04 15-50-05-40

And was welcomed back warmly by Alexander.

TS4 2015-08-04 15-52-12-51

Even after being away on a mission, she felt so energized, she went for a jog.

TS4 2015-08-04 15-54-10-94

Ewan was nearby, working on his latest masterpiece, and even after Delaney left, Alexander stood looking at the rocket.  I wonder if he felt like I do.  Every time Delaney goes into space, I’m so relieved to see her return safely.

TS4 2015-08-04 15-54-55-41

Ranen also works at the lab, as a Serum Sequencer, but he has much more positive relationships with the other staff than does Elise.  On this particular day, one of the Spencer-Kim-Lewis’s came over to his station and waited to speak with him.

TS4 2015-08-04 16-05-22-01

That evening, we got a notice that she had passed away, so I think she was saying her goodbyes to Ranen.

TS4 2015-08-04 16-05-26-99

Felicity is considerate and careful, even in the midst of a glitch.  She and Alexander were trapped in the doorway together.  She looked up at her grandfather to see what to do.

TS4 2015-08-04 16-19-02-30

She looked into the house, seeming to be thinking, “Hmm, we don’t seem to be getting where we want to go.”

TS4 2015-08-04 16-19-23-14

And then back up at Alexander, as if waiting for her granddad to help her with the appropriate behavior in this situation.

TS4 2015-08-04 16-19-35-03

Finally, Alexander jumped out of the doorway, Felicity gave a little smile, and then proceeded on her way.

TS4 2015-08-04 16-19-46-19

After her jog, Delaney went down to the lab to mentor Elise in Gourmet Cooking.  (She decided this on her own).

TS4 2015-08-04 16-21-11-44

And Elise had a breakthrough in science as well as got a new skill, Gourmet Cooking!

TS4 2015-08-04 16-21-26-15

A little later, Alexander, who has, since Elder’s party, been constantly having whims to chat with Elise, came down to the lab, and she pranked him.

TS4 2015-08-04 16-25-38-27

I love that little grin on her face

TS4 2015-08-04 16-25-48-18

Felicity, who has a B right now, was a little stressed about her extra credit work.  I imagine she puts a lot of pressure on herself.  Fiona still has a C average, but she’s made more friends than Felicity.

TS4 2015-08-04 16-41-25-33

The next morning, as Zoe finished her yoga routine and headed to work, it was fun to see that Ewan painted what looks like Sunset Valley.

TS4 2015-08-04 16-42-59-43

That day at work, Elise and the engineering robot constructed her latest breakthrough:  A cloning machine.

TS4 2015-08-08 16-09-47-00

She began one of many trials to clone objects.  Her first attempt was the excellent bug liniment she’d made in Granite Falls.

TS4 2015-08-08 16-14-40-34

But it was a failure.  A block of rudimentary matter was created instead.

TS4 2015-08-08 16-14-55-44

She tried a basil leaf next, with the same result.

TS4 2015-08-08 16-16-43-43

After several trials with that, she tried an orb fruit plant.  Unsuccessful.  She was accumulating quite a few rudimentary matter cubes.

TS4 2015-08-08 16-18-59-32

Selling perfect orb fruit is a lucrative endeavor, so next she tried one of those.

TS4 2015-08-08 16-22-20-40

It looked like it was working, but still, no success at cloning.

TS4 2015-08-08 16-22-28-83

Her next attempt was to clone quill fruit.

TS4 2015-08-08 16-25-46-92

Finally,  just in time before the end of the workday, success!

TS4 2015-08-08 16-25-55-90

When Elise arrived home, Ranen was giving their little girl a hug.

TS4 2015-08-08 16-58-17-54

And Ewan was talking with Alexander.

TS4 2015-08-08 17-26-51-32

That evening, Felicity was struggling with her extra credit work.

TS4 2015-08-08 17-29-58-99

Delaney started trying to help her with it.

TS4 2015-08-08 17-30-10-21

“It’s too hard, grandma.”

TS4 2015-08-08 17-30-13-70

“We’ll do it together,” Delaney said.  “Now, what’s the first step we need to take?”

TS4 2015-08-08 17-30-25-87

“I don’t know!”

TS4 2015-08-08 17-32-46-17

“You can do it!  Take a deep breath and look at it again.”

TS4 2015-08-08 17-32-57-14

And as her grandmother helped her, Felicity’s confidence grew.

TS4 2015-08-08 17-33-18-06

She was so confident after finishing her work, she wanted to play chess instead of going to bed.  Elise gave her a challenge.

TS4 2015-08-08 17-38-15-12

And Felicity tried her best

TS4 2015-08-08 17-38-34-43

But very soon, she realized Elise had her king trapped.

TS4 2015-08-08 17-38-42-46

And that she could learn a lot from Aunt Elise, at least about chess.

TS4 2015-08-08 17-38-50-10


12 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    What a wonderful family! It’s so enjoyable to see the ways that they interact with each other–even Elise’s criticisms! And it seems like they have so many friends outside the family, too. That flashlight on Elise’s sleeve at the end is amazing! I’ve never seen that, and I love the way it shone the light on Felicity! 🙂

  2. Echo Weaver says:

    I love that last picture of Felicity! Another post filled with wonderful character development. I’ve always liked Fiona — I think I’m a fan of Goofballs too — but Felicity is really growing on me.

    Elise is clearly hard to get along with, but in such an entertaining way. I suspect I’d have trouble with her in person, but I love watching her.

  3. Carla says:

    Erm…not quite sure what to say about Ewan’s work outfit! It’s different, that’s for sure! Does TS4 have that weird glitch where sims go to work in random clothing or is that really his career outfit? But I still like him and Zoe together. 🙂

    I laughed when you said Elise had no moral compunction against using the “Terrorizer”! No, I guess she wouldn’t! I wonder if her employers have really thought that through, lol!

  4. Good point, about Elise’s employers might have used some of their scientific reasoning powers to deduce that Elise with a Terrorizer was not a good idea! And no, I think Ewan’s painter career work outfit is just plain weird clothing that is default for that job & level, rather than being a weird glitch.

    Thanks for commenting, Carla!

  5. maisie says:

    Felicity is adorable! I think she’s my favorite of the new generation. And the summer camp outfit is totally adorable, sheesh Elise is crazy if she doesn’t agree! This is such a fun family, I love how interactive they are, and how in love they are with their spouses, all so sweet. It’s hard to remember when the family was more mean-spirited and not as close. It’s really evolved under Delaney and Alexander’s care.

    • Maisie, I know you’re so busy these days, it’s really nice of you to take time to read and leave comments. You’re right- they’ve changed a lot from the days of Beatrice and Cassandra, so true.

      • maisie says:

        Aww thanks Shannon, this is one of my favorite blogs, and I definitely enjoy reading it and commenting. I’m just slower at it than I’d like to be. 🙂 How did your summer go? Didn’t you just have one of yours graduate high school in May? Was their a move-out or big first day of college? The woman I babysit for, just sent her son off to south-west CO for university, feel like I’ve been right up close and personal with it all. Makes me snuggle mine harder.

        • Actually, my eldest daughter is one course from finishing her AA degree, and then she’s going to continue with her BA in business administration, and my youngest is a junior in high school this year. She’s 17, but she was held back in elementary school so we get to hold on to her a little longer. Summer was fantastic– we went kayaking a lot, I took up mountain biking, which I found out I really enjoy, and it was really relaxing. Thanks for asking!

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