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Simself Spotted

May 4, 2015      In Miscellaneous 6 Comments

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While I was getting Cacey’s family set up and aged, my simself strolled by Darryl behind First Church in her wedding dress one evening.   That was unexpected!




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  1. Carla says:

    LOL, that’s pretty random! And hey, look, I’m getting your updates in my InoReader! 😀

    • Yeah, it was pretty funny. I guess I must not have changed her formal wear after the ceremony. But what i couldn’t figure out was, why did the game have her taking a walk in her formal wear anyway?!

      I’m glad you got this test post!

  2. cathytea says:

    Your SimSelf is beautiful! Guess she just wanted to show off her wedding gown! 🙂

    • Hi Cathytea, so glad you found the new blog! I hadn’t thought of that, maybe she did just want to show it off. :-). When delaney ages up, so will my simself-then she’ll be older than me!

  3. maisie says:

    Funny! Great looking dress and self sim! Questiin, inTS4, do they lead solo lives like TS3? I know they can die when you don’t play them, correct? So could your self sim get married autonomously?

    • Maisie, good question about story progression/sims leading solo lives once you turn them loose in the neighborhood. Right now, depending on your settings, sims you aren’t playing can age and die (don’t know if they’ve recently fixed them dying with aging off). The game assigns jobs to sims that don’t have one, that was added with Get to Work. The most recent patch added that your sim can be invited to friends’ birthday parties at the friends’ houses, and if you accept, the friends will age there, even with aging off (although the setting will remain off for other sims that don’t have parties). Sims you aren’t playing definitely have romantic relationships (case in point, my Mortimer who had a few extra-marital interests without my knowledge till later). But I don’t think they marry without the player facilitating that.

      Being married is such a big part of who I am at this point, having been married a few months shy of 25 years, that I set my simself up with a husband when I made her. It was actually remarkable to me how much my simself’s oldest daughter turned out resembling (in cartoon version) my actually oldest daughter; I guess I managed representing the critical genetics for my husband and I well.

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