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Simdale Valley Update: Ono Family First to Move to Sims 4

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Simdale Valley Update: Ono Family First to Move to Sims 4

Sayuri Ono is 51; Daniel Ono is 46; Seiki Ono is 21; Yuki Ono is 12.  Ono Family Profile  (Profiles have been updated with Sims 4 info)

Seiki’s Previous Update / Ono Family Previous Update

This is a mini-update.

This is the neighborhood (open world segment) that the Ono’s live in.  The green house in the foreground is the only house I left standing, that shipped with the game.  It looked a lot like the Endeavor’s house did in Sims 2, and I loved the placement right next to the children’s park (as it was in Sims 2).  It’s fun to imagine Simone taking Sienna and Charlotte out to the park.   I renovated the interior and a little bit to the exterior front.
Across from the Endeavors (next to the Ono’s) I will probably build Laney and Declan’s house.  There is a community garden behind that lot.  The last lot, I currently plan to be the location of Simdale Valley Church (and graveyard).  I will probably wait a bit to see if graveyards are added to the game before building it.
The Ono’s are the first family to make the move from Sims 2 to Sims 4.  Their house is pretty close to the way it looked before; except before it sat on a bluff overlooking Port Prominence Bay.  In this world, the commercial area and one residential lot overlook Port Prominence Bay and the other homes are on rivers or canals.
One of the proposed expansions (in the survey that was circulated by EA)  would allow players to customize their worlds more.  That’s one I most hope is made reality eventually.

Daniel, Sayuri, and 12-year old Yuki live here.

Seiki, their son,  has just finished college (in the Sims 2) and is temporarily visiting until he gets a job and his own place in Fort Strange, (Oasis Springs) working in the space industry.

Entering the gate from the street, you find yourself in a tiny but peaceful zen garden.

There’s a chess set tucked in the corner.

The entryway opens into a two-story great room (just like Sims 2)

With open floor plan to the kitchen and loft area above.

There is a pretty view into the back garden.

The kitchen looks very similar to Sims 2, although I couldn’t resist the newly possible window placement under the cabinets!

Seiki is working on his charisma skill (if you read about his college exploits you know he needs to work on those people skills!)  I love it that he can use the mirror which is located behind the book case.

Sayuri and Daniel’s room looks into the zen garden.  For now, Naomi hasn’t been created yet, but once she is, this may just be Sayuri’s room… Daniel might be on the couch or in the dog house.

For now, Sayuri is quite in love with her husband.  Here she is feeling flirty after he was being enchanting.   Currently, I don’t know any way to make a sim the number of days old they are supposed to be; Sayuri is supposed to be 51 but in game, she is about 30 right now (just became an adult).  The Sims 4 has a fabulous engine for visually reflecting age progression as sims grow older, so once I can get her to her proper age, she should look older.

Master bath

Back garden.  Seiki helping Yuki with her middle school homework.

Since there’s no soccer nets (yet) Yuki has monkey bars to build her athletic skill.

It is fun seeing Yuki with her physically gifted trait enjoying these.

But Sayuri is still a strict mom and has her come in and read for a while.

Sayuri goes for a jog around the neighborhood.  She circles the Endeavor’s place.

Look at the bee!!

Meanwhile, Daniel’s trying to make some new friends.  He finds another “bro” eventually, invites him over and they become fast friends.

For career, trait, and aspiration info, see the updated profiles.

Yuki has the whole upstairs in this new house, to herself.  Cutting out Seiki’s room is the only floor plan change I made to the Sims 2 house.  Making the dormer windows is very different in Sims 4 and I’m still getting the hang of it.

I plan for Yuki to become an astronaut, with her physical and mental prowess she should be very successful.

She’s already made a “confident” potion with her chemistry set.

Bare bones upstairs bath.

It is really fun playing Simdale Valley again, and making it come alive in a new game.

I am “skipping” round 4, basically going 2 years into the future so that Julia and Seiki will be done with college and making Ethan McElveen a 3-year-old (he is gaining a year on everyone else.)
These mini-updates as I get families settled in will be “Round 4” and then proper updates will start again with Round 5.
The legacy is continuing!  I just figured it would be better to intersperse sim and house creations with playing because otherwise I’d burn out on making 26 sims at once!


8 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Yuki is super-cute! I have to say, the TS4 kids are very charming. It's a shame they didn't bother with toddlers, as I would have liked to see if they could improve on the TS3 ones (which wouldn't be hard, lol).

    I love that zen garden so much! Really pretty!

  2. Thanks, Carla, I was so happy with the way Yuki turned out, and she was made using the genetics generator in CAS from Daniel and Sayuri. The underlying frame or "bone structure" is just different so it is tricky getting a balance I like with how they looked in Sims 2, and being happy with how they look in Sims 4. I hear you about the toddlers, if they would have done such a good job with including them in the game that would have been so nice. Sims 3 toddlers reminded me of a glaring cat perched on someone's arm when the sims walked around with them. They had great interactions, especially after Generations, but their appearance wouldn't have been hard to improve upon, it seems!

  3. pinehollow says:

    I love the house and the zen garden! And the jungle gym is awesome!

    I hear you on possibly burning out on making so many Sims at once. In my game, I have copies of my Sims, but I'm still only moving in the family I'm currently playing at the moment. I'd definitely burn out on getting everyone moved in, set to the right careers and relationships, decorating their houses, etc., if I tried to do it all at once!

    • It takes a lot of time and attention to detail to get a family set up in a new (or restored) game. I look forward to seeing your sims and 'hood too. Thanks for the compliments and for reading!

  4. I just love your building and decorating skills..its truly very lovely! And everything has history and meaning, which really attaches your heart to what youre creating, and attaches the reader to it, as well. I look forward to seeing Simdale Valley's rebirth into Sims 4, and watching it evolve. 🙂

    • It really made me day to "find" you again, Greeneyed! Building has always been a big part of the fun for me in this game, and there are some really amazing decorators who have inspired me but it is not my strong suite. Moving my Sims 2 sims into Sims 4, they lose some of the things that made them who they are, but they are also gaining new dimensions, so that makes it interesting. My SI said, "Why don't you just make new characters?" but as you say, the history and continuity are what makes the time I spend on my game worth it to me. Thanks so much for commenting!

  5. retromaisie says:

    They have a gorgeous house and I was totally excited to see Yuki, she's darling!!! That slanted kitchen counter is awesome, love, love! Everything is so inviting and lovely, the garden especially. Looking forward to seeing more of your families make the move, and how they transition. Makes sense to fast forward time too, stinks on the no toddlers.

    • Hi Maisie, thanks for commenting! It seems like time in everything else in my life flies by so fast, but waiting for more content (and toddlers, hopefully) for Sims 4 is a snail's pace! It's only been 3 months but it is so hard to be patient! Don't want to wish my life away, though, waiting for toddlers, lol.

      Anyway, thanks, I was happy with the Onos. They act like I think they should. I'm looking forward to making more; the Brights didn't turn out as well and I'm still considering re-doing them. Keep thinking about Julia and how she'll be in Sims 4.

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