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Simdale Valley Post Special: Get to Work Feature Review

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Simdale Valley Post Special: Get to Work Feature Review

What I most like to see from an expansion pack, are features that allow me to extend open-ended game play and customize my game, and in light of that, I am pretty excited about the new information from the Sims VIP Preview of Get to Work .  While there are obviously some goal-oriented, game-directed features coming with Get to Work, here are some possibilities that are coming, that I am especially looking forward to:

#1  Expanded Painting and Photography Possibilities!

The new photography skill has some aspects that are going to really expand customization in my homes and sims’ lives.
For example, the new selfie interface on the smart phones, which may also turn those friend selfie interactions into usable pictures, but that is not confirmed that I know of.
And then, of course, the photography studio interface will be part of Get to Work.   According to the Sims VIP Sim Guru interview, we will be able to take these in-studio portraits of up to two sims at a time, so unfortunately we won’t be able to do family portraits this way.
However, sims will be able to paint portraits and will also be able to once again paint player-made custom paintings.  So it looks like I’ll be using this option to create family portraits, at least until someone mods the studio photography to allow for groups of three or more sims.

#2 New features in Build Mode

Lots, not just houses, will now be fully move-able and rotatable.   Also, for the first time as a built-in feature of a Sims game, we will be able to import lots of different sizes onto any lot, without a mod.  For example, as shown in the photo, if you try to import this lot into a smaller lot, the yellow areas are the areas that would be clipped off.  This may not give as many options as Mootilda’s Sims 2 Lot Adjuster, but I’ll be happy to have even this limited possibility without having to use a mod.
Also, not only will everyone who owns the Sims 4 base game get basements, we will be able to build two levels deep in the basement, and will be able to have a total of four floors above ground.

#3 New Careers will have varying levels of Open-Ended Play

There’s been a lot of speculation about how the new careers will work, specifically how much we’ll be able to use the new features for open-ended play.  There are still a lot of questions about how open-ended it will be, but one thing I learned from this Sims VIP broadcast, was that  the new careers offer a variable level of open-end play.
The Detective career was described as the most linear, goal-oriented play, that follows a story line.  The scientist career was described as open, as in the player can choose whether to work on the Invention machine or the Chemistry lab.
And the Doctor career was described as a hybrid of the two, with some choices and some linear play. Not surprisingly, the retail business features will be the most open-ended and customizable.

#4 New Careers will have Active Play Options

The player will have the option to follow their sims in the Doctor, Scientist, and Detective careers to work, or not follow them (and send them off, basic career-style, for the day).  If a player chooses to follow a sim to their active career, they can then switch back and forth between that sim and others in the household who are still at home (but not at other active careers).  However, you could choose to rotate the days that you follow your different sims from the same household, to different active careers.   The sim gurus explained that if you choose to send a sim to an active career (instead of following them) they will not progress (as much?) in that career, because progress comes from managing them at the career site.
I was very happy to learn that I can send sims off to a their active career, if I choose, so I’m not forced to follow them every day in the career.

#5 Mannequins Are Highly Customizable

There are two different mannequin styles, and either can be used for adult mannequins or child mannequins.  Mannequins can be taken into Create A Sim and given up to 30 unique outfits with accessories, just like a sim.  And then they can be posed in a variety of positions.

#6 Guess Who’s Back… Aliens!

One question many simmers will have about aliens is, will there be the option to turn them off?  Because some simmers just aren’t going to want aliens, whether obvious, or in disguise, in their neighborhoods!  Depending on the story or neighborhood I am developing, I may, at times, not welcome the green (or any other color) extraterrestrials into my Sims world, either.  I was a huge fan of Sims 2 Strangetown, but I wouldn’t want to be forced into playing aliens.
However, I am excited about the descriptions I’ve heard so far about aliens in the Sims 4.  First of all, with the Get to Work expansion, aliens will roam the neighborhoods, in disguise, and can be discovered by interacting with them.  There is also a new alien world, Sixam (Maxis, backwards, lol), that is discoverable in different ways I will not spoil for you, in case you haven’t read about it.   Some of the ways they can be discovered have to do with the new careers.

All of this information, and these photos, are thanks to Sims VIP Get to Work Interview with the Sim Gurus, from the Preview Event.  All photos used with the permission of Alexis B at Sims VIP.  Thank you so much!


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  1. Carla says:

    Photography is something I wish they'd expanded on with TS2. It had the beginnings of something fun but was never really taken to its full potential.

    Being able to send your sims off to go to work on their own is a good addition. I found the micromanaging of Ambitions jobs in TS3 got really tiresome after a while.

    If I was a TS4er, I'd be a bit concerned that there's apparently no word about whether you can turn aliens off (because you know how I am with the supernatural element in the game). I saw a little interview about aliens (and retail and a few other things) on TheSimSupply's channel yesterday though and it does sound interesting for something for me to look at vicariously, lol!

    • Photography may end up being my favorite addition to the game in Get to Work, or at least a close second to retail businesses! After I wrote this review I learned that they will also be able to take scenery photos as well as photos of other sims, so maybe I can use the smart phone or camera (there will also be cameras) to take group shots of families. I just hope there are some pose options outside the studio. Photos will be able to be hung on the wall and saved and transported with the lot on the gallery (so I can save mine as a back-up).

      Honestly, I'd probably play the active careers about one time each, if I was forced to go to work with the sim every single day. Right now I'm playing my sims 3 sim, Emily, in the stylist career and really wanting to drop out of it because sometimes it is pretty tiresome. So I'm very glad there is some flexibility built-in.

      He he, I know, I don't remember you ever featuring any of the supernaturals in Sullivan, and that's something I enjoy about your blog! About aliens, I must admit, I am pretty excited about them and their world, and the way they are described as integrated into the different interactions and skills in the game. I figure that we'll get some flexibility on including them in our game, either through the "disguise" aspect, or at bare minimum, someone will make a "No Aliens" mod or a mod to ban them from certain lots, eventually. I did read after posting this review that there will not be an option to completely turn aliens "off," (Sims 3 supernatural-style), the omission of which seems a little strange, since they had those great options in Sims 3.

  2. Echo Weaver says:

    Dur. Did that comment show up? I don't see it.

    To repeat: I don't even have the base game, and this expansion sounds so exciting. I'm so glad to see that portrait and landscape painting are back. It does seem like a fail that there are no family portrait photographs, but the idea of just posing two sims together for a picture is pretty exciting.

    I hope all this stuff will already be in a deep discount pack by the time I get to it :).

    • Blogger eats my comments so frequently that I usually cut and paste from a WordPad rather than risk it. I looked into WordPress but that's a project for summer.

      I agree, it sounds great! But what's up with not letting us do family portraits?!

      Origin's been putting everything on deep discounts on Cyber Monday for the past few years. I got all the Sims 3 at about 75% off, I think.

    • Echo Weaver says:

      Most people use WordPad, and it's actually easier for me to interact with other people's WordPad blogs. You'll notice that I created a separate Google profile for my Sims habit because the integrated profile system is so frustrating. I guess you did something similar? I'm going to guess you have a profile someplace without Sims in the name :).

      However, I waste most of my configuring and troubleshooting energy on Sims itself. I'm with Blogger for the long term.

      So, I've been curious — If your EA forum account is correct, you have most of the Sims game, but you say you haven't played it until recently. Did you have a family member who got the game? Or did you get the whole thing on Cyber Monday?

      I'm actually banking on a Cyber Monday sale.

    • Echo Weaver says:

      Bleh. You wrote WordPAD, but I had WordPRESS in my head. Sorry for the nonsequitur.

      Haha. I don't have any reason that good for keeping separate profiles, and in fact for a long time I didn't. My real profile has information about my real life, and I wanted to have a profile that had information about my Sims fandom/projects if people clicked through. And I really wanted a simself avatar :).

      I'm not terribly secretive about my alias. If you haven't stumbled upon it someplace, this is me:

  3. retromaisie says:

    I didn't know anything about the new one, other than jobs, and that there are some cool conversions made for TS2. The photography looks really great, bummer that it's only for a few at a time though, it'd be nice if you could do family portraits. I was just watching the TS2 beta trailer the other day and they had a family take a portrait (holding twins on the sofa) for a photograph, and that still doesn't exist in the games!

    • Hi Maisie! The photography does look great… now the game's been out a little over a week but I haven't gotten to really explore the photography yet so we'll see how it is. I remember one of the TS2 trailers, where the bride throws herself in the groom's arms on the sofa, which wasn't a real animation in the game. What I'm hoping for too are in-game poses, that would make my life easier for now since I don't want to use any CC until later to help keep my game safe.

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