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Simdale Valley Post: Fall Festival is in Town!

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Simdale Valley Post: Fall Festival is in Town!

October 10, 605

by Lillith Bright

TS4_x64 2016-05-16 19-12-39-97

George Endeavor flips burgers to raise money for Simdale Valley School at the Fall Festival.

Madeleine Bright, dressed as a pumpkin, gets down at the Fall Festival

Madeleine Bright, dressed as a pumpkin, gets down at the Fall Festival

Daniel Ono, dressed as a Tie-Fighter, helps clean up at the festival. His daughter, Yuki, was dressed as Yoda.

Daniel Ono, dressed as a Tie-Fighter, helps clean up at the festival. His daughter, Yuki, was dressed as Yoda.

Simdale Valley residents came out to support the school and show off their costumes on the opening night of the Fall Festival.  “This is an annual event, and our biggest fundraiser,” said Laney McElveen, School Board Chairperson and Acting Principal.  Moira and Miguel Jones, of Kyra’s Bakery, organized and donated the food and drinks for the event.  The zombie cake was a big hit.

TS4_x64 2016-05-16 19-42-17-49This year the festival had it’s first haunted house, thanks to George Endeavor and crew, who constructed it on the fair grounds.  It even featured a laser light show and fog-emitters around the gravestones.  “I think it will give the kids a real scare,” George said.  “I wouldn’t send kids under 10 in without a parent.”  George wouldn’t give away any surprises about the interior of the haunted house, but he promised there would be some jumping and screaming from visitors.  If you haven’t made it down to the festival yet, there’s one more big night, so don’t miss it!

TS4_x64 2016-05-20 20-27-05-84Chelsea Finnbar, the lobbyist who was instrumental in securing funding for the expansion of Simdale Valley school, made an appearance at the festival as Princess Leia.  Dr. Ono and her husband, Daniel, helped the Jones with clean-up.

Daniel Ono, dressed as a Tie-Fighter, helps clean up at the festival. His daughter, Yuki, was dressed as Yoda.

Daniel Ono, dressed as a Tie-Fighter, helps clean up at the festival. His daughter, Yuki, was dressed as Yoda.

Gameplay Notes:

The better part of the last two weeks has been spent on downloading, editing, and building community lots.  There are so many amazing lots on the Gallery!  Up until now, I was focused on the households of Simdale Valley, getting them set up and going, and just to pull off the festival, I had to recreate the whole of Market Street, which I hadn’t even started yet.  I’m very excited about the community lots and neighborhood as a whole at this point; it’s finally taking shape.  Up until now I was using lots that to me, were mostly “stand-ins,” like maxis lots. But now when sims go to most areas, they look more like I imagine.  There’s still a lot of work to do!

Upcoming Projects:

  • Location & Lot list with links to downloads and standardized names for subhoods, venue counts by location
  • I’m putting finishing touches on Alexis Jones’ law offices in Three Rivers district of Port Prominence.  She has a new partner, who covers matrimonial law.   Those will post to Tumblr soon.
  • Renovate Dr. Ono’s office.  Since sims can’t visit the hospital Get to Work lot, I am also adding a small clinic in Old Town for sims to visit Dr. Ono at, when they are sick or for well checks and prenatal appointments.
  • Renovate Circuit One Courthouse.  Also in Old Town, this building houses the courtroom and Imani Gallant’s office as State’s Attorney.
  • Restaurants!  Some of the restaurants are currently in the worlds as bars or cafe’s, but after June 7th I’ll be updating them
  • And bunches of other build projects as I go.

13 Comments so far:

  1. I can’t wait to see the other lots, you are really good at building them 🙂

  2. Hi V, thanks for commenting and the kind words. I actually downloaded the law office, Dr Ono’s office, and the courthouse so they aren’t my builds. I am going to post a directory of lots with links to the creator’s original post on the Gallery, though.

  3. Carla says:

    Busy, busy, busy! My list of projects is similarly long!

    I would never have the patience to do a festival in Sullivan, so I just swoon over other simmers’ festivals instead. 😉 The two weeks you spent working on this obviously paid off – everything looks amazing! And now you’ve got this whole new little area in your hood for your sims to enjoy. 🙂

    • Carla, I loved your Claudette, it turned out so great inside and out. Did you see that Daniel Ono is behaving himself?! He spent his time with Yuki and helped clean up during the festival instead of hitting on women or getting crazy whims for Naomi!

  4. I can’t remember if I commented on Tumblr or what I said, but I really enjoyed seeing all of the photos from your fall festival. It reminded me so much of TS3 and the festivals we had, and it has my brain going in circles to think of all the different kind of town festivals we might recreate in TS4. This was really fun!

  5. Making festival lots for TS3 was one of my favorite things in that game. Percentage-wise, that’s probably what I spent the most time doing with the small amount of time I played it. I loved the way festival lots worked and it was so much fun seeing the new festival come to town as the seasons changed. Yeah, most of the pictures for the festival ended up on Tumblr instead of here. Since I played like four different versions of the festival as I messed around, it didn’t really add up to a story. Thanks for commenting, Laura!

  6. Oh this is so incredible, I love the detail and community feel of projects like this. Reminds me of the one hood in TS3 where I actually managed to create the same kind of feel as the prosperity hoods of TS2.

  7. meowfaze says:

    I love your fall festival

  8. Simnovoris, I’m so glad you enjoyed seeing a bit of it… it is a really big project; after nearly 10 months of working on it weekly it feels I’ve barely started but I really enjoy it. Thanks for commenting!

  9. maisie says:

    The fall fesitval is awesome! You almost get me in the mood for fall, I have to remind myself that winter comes too soon after and I am still over the snow! But this lot is spectacular and I look forward to seeing more of your lots, you always supply an abundant amount of inspiration! I’m with you on the TS3 festival lots, those are my favorite after the horses.

    I hear you on the lots that are just stand-ins. I’m slowing plugging at my EU lots, so many were ones that I wouldn’t even take my sims too! They were mostly all maxis match lots that I put just to make the campus look complete. I love when lots and the background hood view go together and match our visions, I’m happy that you are getting there for Simdale!

  10. Maisie, I saw your recent post about Eastborough, that you’d torn down a bunch of the buildings and now kind of have to build to replace them. That can be pretty daunting, but you always make really great lots. It’s true, it is a process getting the ‘hood look and the lots inside, and out, to match what we’re imagining, and it takes lots of time and patience. Lately I’ve been in an inspiration slump for building which I actually can’t remember ever happening before! I could have finished Market Street while in my test game because I have that lot in that game too, but just wasn’t feeling it. One day the building bug will bite me again though. Thanks for commenting!

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