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Simdale Valley Architects Go Overboard on new YMCA Pool!

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Simdale Valley Architects Go Overboard on new YMCA Pool!

Local residents Seiki, Daniel, and Yuki Ono enjoying the new rooftop pool at the Y.
The Simdale YMCA has reopened, with a widely anticipated multi-million dollar renovation including a state-of-the-art gym, smoothie bar, internet cafe, and rooftop pool.  Now Simdale Valley residents can enjoy the pool inside or out!

The Olympic pool is largely unchanged, and remains open for casual lap swimmers when there are no classes, teams, or tournaments.  See the schedule at the desk.

Simdale Valley’s primary care physician, Sayuri Ono, enjoys a quiet lap set in the Olympic pool.

The old soccer field has been relocated, and there is now a community garden at the YMCA. 
At the mezzanine floor there is a new smoothie bar which overlooks the Olympic pool area.  And looks INTO the new rooftop pool.  Yes, the architects went a little *overboard* with the new concrete girder technology that lets them economically build an aquarium-style pool.  Some say good taste was forgotten in the frivolity of yielding such new and spectacular power.  Critics have said the new Y looks more like a cross between an airport lounge and an aquarium than a local fitness center.
The locker rooms have been extended into the old lobby

 The front desk area has been moved into the expanded fitness room, and now contains an open kitchenette where members can store and warm up food, or grab a cup of coffee.  The ladies’ locker room opens into the gym, the lobby, and the Olympic pool.  The men’s locker room opens to the pool and the lobby.
There’s plenty of strength and cardio equipment, so if you aren’t already a member, join today and get 10 hours with a peer coach when you sign up!
Seiki Ono, doing more talking than lifting.
He does work a bit on his abs.
And then, not surprisingly, Seiki finds a girl to talk to.
Seiki, you aren’t in college anymore; better be a little more mindful of age when flirting!  (Seiki autonomously started flirting with and hugging this girl after I told him to do a cheerful greeting.
I’m glad I checked on him at this point (I was watching the others in the pool)
It looked like she was going to slap him as he moved in for a hug.  Seiki has lots of experience with begin slapped and rejected.
But she apparently failed to notice the creepiness factor.  When I tried to have him ask her for a date, I found he did not have any romantic options with her, which means she is a teen.  I guess all the above autonomous action was purely plantonic.   (With Seiki?  I don’t believe that for a minute!)
The new rooftop pool is truly the talk of the town right now.  As you go upstairs from the gym, you can see into the rooftop pool, aquarium style!
Another picture of the infamous underwater windows into the smoothie bar. 
Citizens have petitioned for diving boards and slides, but at this time Simdalians will have to content themselves with playing, splashing, swimming, gazing into the smoothie bar and stairwell, and jumping off the edge in the breathtaking pool.

 Yuki chats with her mom while treading water.

But when Daniel comes over and starts to flirt with Sayuri

Yuki decides to give them a little space and occupy herself.

 A quick splash

And Daniel confidently sits on the side of the pool.  His attitude cracks me up.  (He’s a self-assured romantic bro who wants to be a friend to the world).

Meanwhile, outgoing Yuki makes a new acquaintance.

 When the Onos got home from the trip to the Y, 12-year-old Yuki wanted to attempt mental telepathy. 
I think it is part of her Whiz Kid aspiration.  I hope for her to be an astronaut, and she finished the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and is now working on her mental skills.   But no, she was not able to communicate through telepathy.  Not yet.
Floor Plan View, 1st Floor:
Gym, Locker Rooms, Entryway, and Olympic Pool
Floor Plan View, 2nd Floor (Mezzanine):
Stairwell with landing entrance to the Internet Cafe (left) and Smoothie Bar (right) which is open to the Olympic Pool area. 
The “room” that is the rooftop pool is located on this floor but entrance to the pool is on the third floor (roof).
Floor Plan View, 3rd Floor (Roof): 

5 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Wow, you did a fantastic job on that pool! Very sleek and modern. The pool water is beautiful – EA really did a great job on that. It's a definite improvement over TS3.

    It doesn't look like Seiki has changed much from TS2. 😉 He's totally buttering that girl up, for when he's old enough for him to hit on, lol!

    • Hi Carla, thanks for reading! I've been so happy with Seiki, his behavior does really seem to be very typical of his character so far with the traits he has in Sims 4. Thankfully, with the cas.fulleditmode cheat you can change traits, so I'm trying out the Sims 2 sims and if they don't seem right, I'll tweak them or even re-do them. But it feels like Seiki is back in full-fledged "What did I do?!" Romance Sim form.

      It sure looked like they were flirting, I wonder if it is either a bug that allows autonomous flirting between teens and adults (or possibly a feature, doubt that), or if it just looked like flirting. I don't have the teen-adult romance options mod.

      It's interesting you said the water was an improvement–I was curious if the water looked a lot like Sims 3 water, I couldn't remember what it really looked like. It is really pretty, with lots of reflections, depending on the angle and light. I love that i can finally take underwater pictures (I didn't know how to get the camera underwater in the Sims 2, I think I tried to get a picture of Isaiah Gavigan at the Sims 2 Y, when he jumped in but couldn't). And it is really fun that the sims can do so many social interactions either in the pool or sitting on the side. The way Daniel was entertaining and flirting with Sayuri while she sat on the side made me so happy because it just seemed like them. She's a genius and she wanted to get more "energized" while she was at the pool, but was in one of her "focused" moods so she didn't. It seemed like the way a hard-working professional would be at the pool with their family and want to lighten up but still be serious.

      I need to give them another swim outfit with just swim suits. I was having a lot of fun getting them all decked out for the pool with flip flops, a hat and sunscreen for Sayuri, and I didn't realize, when Sayuri went to swim laps she kept her hat on. They all kept their flip flops on in the pool.

      Thanks for the compliment on the pool. At some point, after making the Olympic pool pretty much just like Sims 2, I thought, I'm just going to go with it and see what I can do with the new tools/features, and I ended up with this over-the-top too expensive YMCA. Nobody has enough money for a building like this on membership fees of $35/month!! But it is fun.

      Now that we can make aquariums (with the buydebug EA said we can add fish) I am planning to add an aquarium to my planned Science center (Museum) which will also have an observatory and an electron microscope.

    • Carla says:

      Oh, yes, that was the other thing I was going to comment on – the windows around the pool. My aquarium building self was pretty impressed by that. 😉

      As for the TS3 pools, there was nothing wrong with them – they were nice enough – but there was no real significant improvement (I thought) over TS2 pools. This though, I can see that they've worked on and made changes.And you know, I don't know if you can get the camera underwater in TS2. Now you have me wanting to experiment, as I don't think I've ever tried! I've taken what I would consider semi-underwater pics though, just by framing the picture so you can't see anything but the water.

  2. retromaisie says:

    Oh man… the pool water… just look at that pretty water!! I am totally drooling, I could have looked at twenty pictures of that water, beautiful! The entire pool is amazing, nice gym makes me want to get active! And sitting on the poolside, how neat is that!! Nice to see the family out enjoying each other, and yay for Seiki not getting slapped! And yeah no underwater pics that I've been able to do in TS2 anyway.

    • hi Maisie, it is pretty water, true. When everyone was hyped up about pools, I was like, pools are nice, but not the most important thing ever. But they did a good job on them. Personally I would have thought it pretty funny if Seiki was slapped, but she was too sweet I guess. I used to feel sorry for Seiki but now I've embraced his tormented romance sim self, ha. It was a really fun day out for the family. I like how the Sims 4 don't seem (yet) to do bizarre stuff when you leave them to their own devices. They seem to follow their traits and socialize like you would expect people to do. (Like I love how they'll pick up their food and move to the room that others are in, to eat near them.) I guess they made other sims "advertise" the way objects do. Sitting on the side of the pool is a simple, but nice addition.

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