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January 28, 2017      In Take Me to the Moon 14 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 7.7

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One Sunday afternoon, Grayson decided it was time to case some of the mansions in Newcrest.

He started with a particularly grande looking old victorian home.

And noticed there was some expensive artwork.

Before leaving, he thought he’d leave a little surprise for the owners, and was sabotaging the plumbing when a young woman walked up behind him.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re here,” she said.  “That drain has been clogged for weeks and the service still hasn’t sent anyone who can fix it.”

She prepared some gourmet Tilapia for Grayson.

And while they ate, she told him about the neighbors and their houses.

Later that evening, Grayson came back to cat burgle the house across the street.

And was leaving what he had then decided would be his signature, a clogged drain, as he finished up.

The owner came in while he was working.  “What are you doing?!” he exclaimed, totally mystified as to why a masked stranger in black was working on his plumbing late at night.

“People are sleeping,” he said.  “I’ve got twin infants upstairs sleeping, do you know how hard it is to get twins to sleep simultaneously?!”

Grayson looked at the man.

“Hello,” he said, cheerily.

“Isn’t this the Blake house?” he asked.

“Because I was told there was an urgent call to the Blake house, for a clogged drain.”

“This is not the Blake house,” the man exclaimed, exasperated.

Grayson looked nonplussed.

“I think I hear babies crying,” he said.  “I think you’ve woken them up, making such a fuss in the middle of the night, when people should be sleeping.”

The man invited Grayson to come meet his twins, and while he was busy calming them, Grayson slipped away.

Grayson had saved the jewel of the street for last.

He found some expensive artwork to steal, and then set to work on the drain.

He was almost clear, creeping out a second floor balcony french door

when an occupant of the home stopped him.

Quickly, Grayson slapped him silly.

The guy took a long look at him, and then laughed.

Back at home, Grayson drank some potion so he could stay up the rest of the night, trolling forums.

As a foggy morning dawned, he asked Ms. Nakamura for some breakfast.

“At your service, sir,” she said, and quickly set about cooking.


When Grayson went in the dining room to eat his French Toast, his mother was there.

“Interesting look for school,” she commented.

“Make good choices,” she said, as she left him to eat his breakfast in peace.


Gameplay Notes:

  • Grayson really did clog drains in three different houses, with very little reaction or consequences from the sims that were there.  Mateo, the man with the babies, was the only sim that was aggravated with him, and when Grayson flattered him, and gave him bad news, he backed off.  Clogging three drains and maxing out his mischief skills were the requirements he still had to complete the Chief of Mischief aspiration.
  • The lack of consequences is disconcerting.  First, Grayson’s a teen who was out all night, with no reaction at all from his parents.  Second, the sims whose homes he burgled and sabotaged were, for the most part, insanely gracious to him.

Grayson completed the Chief of Mischief aspiration!  He now has the Tormentor trait, which means he will be able to sabotage lots of different objects.

I am not sure what career and aspiration I want him to tackle next.  The collector aspiration would be fun

And the club one would probably be quick and easy for him to complete

I had thought of having him enter the criminal career, but the other Deviance aspiration, Public Enemy, is much more sinister than he has been up to this point.  I am leaning towards going ahead and doing it, but wondered if anyone has any input on it.


14 Comments so far:

  1. hahaha Grayson is so lucky, he got away with everything!

  2. chealsycat says:

    Oh my! That was hilarious! XD

  3. Aww, what a bummer that the sims didn’t react appropriately when he burgled and sabotaged them! That would be annoying. This game is kind of ridiculous with sim reactions sometimes!

    Did he have to knock on the front door to be let in to burgle their homes? lol! I can’t recall whether deviant sims have any “breaking and entering” options?

    Collector would suit him well, but I think he could get away with Public Enemy without having to do anything too dark. But I haven’t tried that aspiration before. I wonder if “witness a death” can count as being one from old age?

  4. Yes- Grayson had to knock and be let in to enter, which also annoyed me. Maybe at higher levels of the crime career he’d be able to break and enter. About the public enemy aspiration, I was thinking the same thing, that perhaps witnessing someone dying from old age would count. For now, I decided to quickly knock out the club aspiration (Leader of the Pack) while I think about Public Enemy. He’s already in a club and last play session he finished the first level of that aspiration. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Carla says:

    I would be pretty annoyed if I came across a stranger in my home at all, let alone clogging my drains! Sims are pretty weird sometimes!

    That’s a shame that there was no reaction from Fearghus or Alyse to their son being out and about all night. Always fun to have a bit of conflict.

    • Carla, ha, so true! I would be really angry and nervous and call the police. The developers added more to jealousy a while back; maybe they’ll eventually add more reactions to inappropriate behaviors. It would improve the game.

  6. maisie says:

    Bummer that there were no consequences! I kept getting excited to see something happen, since he kept being found-out! And then his own Mom didn’t even bat an eye… make good choices! Yikes! It’s disappointing when things are downplayed in the gameplay. I’ll be curious what path he takes next, I know nothing of those to really have any input.

  7. Maisie, thanks for reading and commenting! Sims being able to do basically whatever they want with very little resulting reactions is disappointing. But I think I’ve found a way for Grayson to experience some actual conflict and difficulty now.

  8. Echo Weaver says:

    Bwah! The fact that the homeowners didn’t react to him sabotaging seems like a real oversight in the design. At least teens who are caught leaving pranks in Sims 3 houses get a big lecture and are often grounded. And is there no curfew for teens?

    I love that you report the incidents as they happen. Sims-land is always absurd. That’s part of why I love it.

    • I agree- reaction to criminal activity or mischievous activity seems pretty basic for a simulation game! And teens do not have a curfew in Sims 4! There might be a mod out there to provide a curfew and limit their activities. I liked that a lot about Sims 3 (the curfew, being able to be grounded, the police bringing them home etc).

  9. It would be really hilarious to see more reactions from angry house owners, I agree! But oh well, seeing Grayson in this costume clogging strangers’ drains in the middle of the night was funny enough, lol!! 😁

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