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Micheal Schaffer

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Micheal Schaffer

Birthdate:  November 9, 585

Micheal Schaffer has decided to settle down in the Peninsula State.  His family lives in another state, so he is basically on his own.

He is a person of the senses… he enjoys food, physical activity, and comforts.  He would like to have a girlfriend, but so far it seems he ends up getting his heart broken.  His next door neighbor, Finley, asked him out on a date, and he thought it went well, until he tried to kiss her good night.

Micheal just graduated from PSU with a degree in sports medicine and landed a job with the PSU athletics department on the collegiate sports support staff.

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4 Comments so far:

  1. Echo Weaver says:

    Wow! He’s a looker!

  2. maisie says:

    Uh yeah he is yummy!! <3 I wonder if he will find a nice, active girl that won’t break his heart.

  3. I agree! I’m certain there must be one in Simdale Valley somewhere!

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