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Sandy’s Baby

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Sandy’s Baby

December 603
Narrated by Sandy Bruty
This is the first update/Next update
When Sandy came home from the clinic, she decided to go get a makeover at Naomi’s salon.  She loved the new color and cut, and she went home, put on some different clothes (she had been so distressed that she might be pregnant she pulled on the first odd things she grabbed,  without even turning the light on).  She fixed a nice meal, and then she waited for Zane to get home.
She meant to tell him over the candlelight supper, but when he hugged her, she just crumpled in his arms.  He was mystified, what could be the matter, but he held her and waited.   Finally, she blurted it out.  How were they going to manage the business with a little one?  And they hadn’t even talked about having kids, and she had never thought about having kids, and the house was tiny, and she didn’t even really think she could get pregnant at this point, especially since they’d been careful.
Zane was not the most kind person at times, but on this night he held her and comforted her, and showed her that he loved her.

In the next few months, Sandy felt like all she cared about was sleeping and eating.  She didn’t feel motivated to do anything!

 Poor Sandy at red aspiration throughout most of her pregnancy.  I played the house and got their business, Jack’s Place, set up while time passed.

Late in the summer, when Sandy was halfway through her pregnancy, Zane came from work to meet her at a check-up at the clinic.

They had come a long way and were even getting excited about seeing the little one.

Dr. Ono came in and asked Zane to step out.  She asked how Sandy was feeling with the long nights cooking at the restaurant, and suggested that Zane hire a sub for the next few months.  Sandy wasn’t too happy to hear that, in fact, she pretty much wasn’t even going to mention it to Zane, but Dr. Ono said her blood pressure was inching up there and it was important to get it down to better levels.

Zane hired a temp for the restaurant that week.


Eventually it was the third trimester, the first snow came and they had prepared everything they knew to, for the little one, including their hearts.

Sandy felt huge.  It had to be soon, she thought.

She found herself getting really irritated easily, too.  Chloe McElveen was walking by and Sandy started up a conversation, but when Chloe criticized her for being barefoot in a tank top out in the winter, she let her have it.


Finally, contractions were three minutes apart, and Sandy called Zane, called Dr. Ono, and headed to the clinic.  After she got checked in, Zane rushed in, still in his work outfit, out of breath.  “I closed the restaurant for the day,” he said.


“Your little one picked an icy day to come into the world,” Dr. Ono said to Sandy and Zane as she came in.  “How are you feeling?”  Sandy told her she was fine, the contractions were really regular and strong now.


“Ok, Sandy, let’s see how close we are to having this baby.”  Dr. Ono checked Sandy, and then said to Nurse Gavigan, “5 cm.  Just monitor her every 15 minutes.  Call me when she’s ready to push.”
Zane sat with her while she practiced her deep relaxation between contractions.  After several hours, she started feeling panicked.  “I can’t do this,” she told Zane.  “You’ve got to tell Dr. Ono, I can’t do this.”
You are probably at transition,” Zane told her.  He pushed the button and called for Nurse Gavigan.  “You better check her, I think the baby is close now.”
“No, you don’t understand,” Sandy fussed at him, “There’s no way I can deliver this baby!”  Just then, Nurse Gavigan came in, checked Sandy, and his eyes got really big.  “She’s ready to push,” he told Zane.  “Sandy, take deep breaths and try not to push yet, ok?”
In a few minutes, but what seemed like forever,  Dr. Ono came in.  “Nathan says you are already fully effaced and dilated; let’s take a look.”



“Ok, Sandy, on the next contraction, give me a big push.”


Sandy pushed.  It was impossible not to, anyway.  While she got her breath, after the contraction, she wondered how soon she would get to see her baby.  Between contractions she was feeling really calm now, and it felt good to push.  On the next contraction, she heard a cry.  Dr. Ono held up a wriggly mass, quickly wrapped him in a blanket, and brought him to Sandy.
Twenty minutes later, Sandy was sitting, looking at Zach.  She couldn’t tear her eyes away from his little face.  He had blue eyes, like her blue eyes, and his dad’s blonde hair.  He gazed at her with his tiny eyes.


Sandy and Zane took Zach home the next morning.  Sandy was still sore, but she was so happy.  She felt like she could hold her little Zach forever, and look into his tiny face, and he seemed just as happy to look at her.





Maisie asked if we were going to see the birthing suite in use for Sandy’s birth.  Well, I teleported Sandy there after she started labor on her own lot (it is an owned community lot) and I was SO nervous something was going to go wrong.  I was worried about using pose boxes, so I just had her sit in the rocking chair.  She wasn’t able to go into labor at the clinic so I just closed everything down after getting pictures and sent Dr. Ono home again.
But after a while I gave it another shot, with the Labor of Love pose box from rugrat at Plumbbob Keep, Here.  
The box has a lot of great options for the mother, the midwife, and onlookers, but  I couldn’t use the posebox for Sandy, or anyone else except Dr. Ono, presumably because it wasn’t their home lot/business.  So I had to use a Pink posebox pose for Sandy (don’t remember which one, I tried lots) and the midwife pose for Dr. Ono.  I also used the deco babies by Wiccandove at the same post, because no one could interact with Zachary at the clinic when I teleported him there.  Carla helped me troubleshoot that issue, it is probably because I didn’t have “interactwogreet” by Pescado, so since no one could greet Zach, being a baby, no one could interact with him.  

Outtake Photo:  Dr. Ono primping while I pose Sandy and Zane at the check up.


Sandy Bruty and Zane Roberts are 39.


6 Comments so far:

  1. retromaisie says:

    Loved the labor and delivery! And totally enjoyed Sandy walking around in a tank top, large belly popping out the bottom in the dead of winter! How perfect! I had windows open in our apartment when pregnant with my first, and it was winter too. So hot, all the time! The photos of them bonding with little Zachary are too precious, he really seems like he is stepping into the daddy role nicely, I was a little concerned at first. His face seemed a bit grumpy in that first photo, that I thought he might flip and leave Sandy.

    Your birthing suite looks great too!

  2. by Shannon says:

    That's so funny about you being hot in winter with your first, I was just thinking how quirky Sims are sometimes, but I guess it is sort of true to life. Yeah, I'm not sure what was up with Zane's face in that first shot. He and Sandy have been surprisingly happy about being together, considering I put them together and didn't expect them to stay together. I guess I may have to move them into a bigger place soon, there's is a TINY starter house. It will be fun having little Zach to grow up with Charlotte's little brother or sister.

  3. Carla says:

    You did such an awesome job with the birth scenes! I really was feeling for poor Sandy all the way through this. I could feel her relief and happiness once Zach was finally here!

    I really want to figure out this pose box issue! I don't believe I've ever had a problem with visitors using poses, though I don't think I've tried it with this box. I'll let you know if I find anything!

  4. by Shannon says:

    Thanks Carla! Poor Sandy, stuck in labor for 24 hours while I was off doing other things instead of updating Tumblr! I hope you do figure out what it is, I hope it is not just a glitch in my game. The Labor of Love is a fantastic pose box.

  5. such a cute little baby, I forgot how cute sims2 babies are 🙂 and I remember Sandy Burty 😀 In my game Don Lothario cheated on Cassandra Goth with her 😛

    • Hi Velikosmijanje, thanks for the comment! Ha, I’ve heard from various simmers about their Sandy Bruty, she’s quite a celebrated sim. Yeah, Sims 2 babies were more detailed than Sims 4– and Sims 3 were wrapped in the little cocoons.

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