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Take Me to the Moon 7.14

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Grayson could not keep his eyes open.  He didn’t know where he was, but he didn’t even care.  He felt thankful for the pillow under his head, and fell back asleep.

He woke again.  He remembered fleeing Bloodkirk Manor.  Then he remembered the infant slumping against his back, his child.  Where was she?  Was she safe?  He couldn’t find the strength to get up, or even to speak.  He lost consciousness again.

The next time he woke, a nun was praying by his bedside.  He felt that he had slept for a long, long time.

“Where is my child?” he asked.  The nun did not respond.

He summoned every bit of strength and will he could muster, to speak again.  “The baby, the infant that I carried… where is she?”

The nun bowed her head.  Grayson, fearing the baby was dead, slumped back down and slept some more.

Another nun watched over him at other times.  Grayson began to take sips of water and bites of food between long periods of sleeping.  He learned that the older nun was Sister Hannah, the Abbess.

“Where is my daughter?” Grayson asked again.

“Sleep, rest,” the Sister Hannah said.  “You are safe now, but you must rest. You must regain your strength.”

One evening, Grayson was well enough to walk.  Sister Hannah took him into the garden.  Grayson asked the nuns if the child had been lost.  The younger sister, Agatha, looked at Sister Hannah, who shook her head, almost imperceptibly.  She said to Grayson, “Have faith, child.  It is not time.”

Grayson thought the baby must have perished in the escape.  “I named her Hedy,” he said to the nuns.  “Because she was born during the battle for my soul and she was my refuge, the reason I was able to leave.”

Feeling too weak to stand, he returned to his room and fell into another deep sleep.

Over the next few months, the quiet peace of the monastery, the nuns’ care, and the fresh air, fresh vegetables, and clear, cold well water, started to revive Grayson’s body and mind.  The nuns tried not to let Grayson see them look at him anxiously, but he began to realize they still feared for his life.  Grayson grew to appreciate and trust the nuns, who cared for him without asking anything in return.

As more months passed, Grayson was able to spend more time awake, more time outside, and eventually, was able to begin to garden, and help with his own keep.

One day, Sister Hannah came to Grayson’s room and asked him if he trusted her.

“It is time to tell you the whole story about Hedy,” she said.

Grayson braced himself, believing that his daughter was dead.

Sister Hannah explained that they had withheld the truth from Grayson up till now, because they did not know if it was safe for the child to be exposed to him.  They explained that they knew he was deathly ill in mind, body, and spirit, and they felt they had no choice but to protect his child from him.

“She is alive?” Grayson asked, barely believing it.

“Yes,” Sister Hannah said.  “Hedy is thriving. And now that your spirit and your strength are restored, when you are ready, you may meet her.”

Sister Hannah sent Sister Agatha to get Grayson’s daughter, and meet them in the courtyard.

Grayson was afraid that Hedy would be afraid of him, or not care to meet him.  But as he walked towards her, she reached her little arms up to him and lifted her face, smiling.

Grayson knelt down, and Hedy toddled into his arms, and hugged him.

With his heart bursting with joy, Grayson lifted Hedy into the air.

She was alive, and she was well.  She was beautiful, and she smiled at him.  Grayson was enchanted with her.

Grayson set her down and watched her as she toddled about the courtyard.  She would take a few steps, and then look to him.  Soon, she headed for the steps where the sisters had disappeared into the monastery, and began to crawl after them.

Grayson and Hedy soon became inseparable as the nuns turned over more and more of her care to him. When they saw that Grayson was able to care for her needs, and that she looked first to him, Sister Hannah told Grayson the time had come for him to return home to his parents.

Grayson sent a telegram to let his parents know that he was alive and well, and returning home, with a daughter.

His father wired back, “Come home, son.”

To Be Continued

Gameplay Notes:

The name Hedy has a lot of meanings, depending on the language.  I chose it when the pop-up appeared, because I found it in a listing of “from the valley,” but it also means warfare, strife, pleasant, and refuge from warfare.  The name Hedy is associated with adventurous, non-traditional women who seek harmony and balance, and beautiful things.  Our sim Hedy has the angelic trait, and I am hoping she has inherited her mother’s vampiric charm.


12 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    Oh , this is so well written ! I’m excited for what comes next !

  2. What a great twist that he ended up here with the nuns! I thought for sure that the count and Absinthe had taken him back into captivity. Wow, what a ride!

    Hedy! I love the name he chose for her. And I love that she got their family’s red hair. She is gorgeous!

    Aw, what an emotional and bittersweet reunion with his parents, to see that they’ve aged so much while he was gone. I’m glad they’re back together again now.

    • Laura, that’s funny, I didn’t really think of that as a twist but I can see how it was one after all, that the reader didn’t know where he was. Since I was following Jonathan Harker’s journey, and he was rescued by nuns after escaping Count Dracula’s castle, it didn’t occur to me that the reader might think Grayson had been recaptured. I’m so glad it ended up being an extra twist because when I’m reading, I love twists.

      I really like Hedy too! And it was good timing with Alyse’s elder birthday… when Grayson left home she was a day away from aging up so I just didn’t take any screencaps till after she aged up to show the passage of time while he was gone (about 2 years). Thanks for reading & commenting!

  3. Wonderful! I love that you chose the name based on what happened, that gives it really nice touch. 🙂

  4. Carla says:

    As a bit of a name nerd, I love Grayson’s reason for choosing the name Hedy! Did you choose Sister Hannah’s name intentionally? Saint Hannah is the patron saint of infertile women and wives without children.

    I’m so glad Hedy is okay as well – the nuns obviously took good care of her. She’s adorable too. The angelic trait seems appropriate for someone raised in a convent! This is the first toddler in the legacy, right?

    • Hi Carla! I didn’t know about Saint Hannah! That worked out really well then. I chose the name Hannah because I read once a long time ago that it means Grace, and at this point in the story, that’s what I felt that Grayson (and Hedy) needed to get through this tremendous challenge to their survival.

      Hedy is the first toddler in the legacy! I rolled the fussy trait (can’t remember the specific name) first, but since I had played through that trait with my tester toddler and one of my purposes with the legacy is to explore the game, I rolled again and got Angelic, which I also thought was appropriate, given her mother’s supernatural charm and being raised by nuns for the first year.

      Although I made it look, from a story point of view, like Grayson and Hedy spent a year at the convent, they actually were only there for a few hours in gameplay, to get the screenshots. So this was the timeline- as soon as Hedy was born, I got a few screenshots at Bloodkirk Manor of her as an infant, then aged her to toddler. I actually took a few screenshots of her and Grayson at the vampire’s manor as a toddler but later changed my mind about the plot so I won’t use those pictures. Then I moved them to a castle, where the nuns actually live, where I took the pictures of Grayson in bed at the monastery. Then I moved them home, and then had them take an afternoon trip to the monastery (convent) where I got the screenshots of them and the nuns, in the courtyard. Then they finally went home. I got the screenshots of Absinthe and the Count sparring after Grayson had moved home. I wanted to minimize the time that Grayson was away from home to try to avoid any unwanted weirdness with Alyse and Fearghus while they weren’t the active household.

      So from a story perspective, Hedy was raised by nuns for the first year.

  5. Echo Weaver says:

    An angelic child of a vampire! This is lovely. And wow, poor Alyse and Feargus. They must have been sick with worry.

  6. maisie says:

    Oh wow, angelic is not a trait I expected from ether of those parents! Grayson has never been angelic himself! But I love it, and the name Hedy! She’s such a cutie pie too! It’s nice that he had the time to recuperate and they took good care of Hedy in his absence. I’m excited to see how this all pans out!

  7. Hedy is such a cute toddler! <3 I’m really curious to see what she’ll grow into!

  8. Thanks, I’m really quite drawn in by Hedy’s appearance- she’s pretty fascinating to me. Me too, I was so curious how she would develop and what traits she would get as a child and beyond.

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