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Zane Roberts

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Zane Roberts

Birthdate:  October 3, 576

Zane Roberts lives with Sandy Bruty and their son, Zach Roberts-Bruty, in Simdale Valley.

He is a Leo:  he is ambitious, quite outgoing, but not always agreeable, and known for being unyielding, even unreasonable, when he thinks he’s right.   Jealousy tends to cloud his judgment at times, which is why he was single when he ran into Sandy at work.  He would have liked to have gotten married, then decided to have kids.  But it was ingrained in Zane, as he was growing up, “Do the right thing,” and he wanted to be involved in his son’s life, and would rather not have to see his son be raised by someone else.   Plus, Sandy and he have some chemistry, and a lot in common.

He is the general manager of Captain Jack’s seafood restaurant in Simdale Valley.  Zane has a two year degree in business.

Zane Roberts’ Sims 2 Profile

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  1. maisie says:

    I love how diverse your sims all are! Jealousy in a relationship can definitely spell trouble, I don’t have patience for it myself! I hope things work out for him and Sandy, he seems to mean well, and with their son, it definitely is worth trying. Zach definitely takes after his Dad in looks, and I like that he works to be involved, sometimes things don’t go as we plan, and he’s not letting that be an excuse to check out.

  2. Thanks, Maisie! I hope things work out well too. I’m not sure how much the jealousy will affect Zane and the family… with them being newly created sims they don’t have as many skills and history that helps smooth out the bad emotions, so he got tense a couple times while moving them in, over Sandy socializing with others. In real life, I have basically no tolerance for it either. With Sandy being outgoing and flirty, I’ve sort of set them up for some rocky times, but that was her personality in Sims 2.

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