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Remember the First Time (We Met)?

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Remember the First Time (We Met)?

This is the first update/Next Update/Seiki’s Next Update
The Ono Family, Round 2 (Year 603)
Sayuri, age 47, Daniel, age 42, Yuki, age 5, and Seiki, age 17
The Ono family lives at the end of Endeavor Lane, looking out over Port Prominence Bay.  A tour of their house is found on Tumblr.

On the last day of spring, Daniel took the kids to the Simdale YMCA so Yuki could play soccer and Seiki could play on the computers and meet people.  Sayuri, of course, was at the Simdale Clinic, where she is the primary care physician.

Soon after they arrived, Seiki couldn’t help but notice.  Julia Jones was there, talking about school and how much she was going to miss it during the summer before going to PSU in the fall.   Julia was from Port Prominence and Julia was beautiful.  Seiki knew who Julia was, because her grandparents lived two doors down from Seiki, and her granddad owned the Brick Oven on Town Square.  But he also knew that Julia Jones did not know who he was, because he had steadily maintained a stealth operation to keep his identity a secret from her until the opportune moment.

But on this day he opened his mouth before he thought.  Seiki has never been a big fan of school, so he changed the subject to “how about that big snowfall we had last year?”

She wasn’t too keen on the weather, but she was apparently was keen to talk with Seiki.  She said, “Isn’t your mom the doctor at Simdale Clinic?”  She had gone to the clinic last summer when she was staying with her grandmother, Moira Jones, to get a last minute shot for school.   She remembered Seiki from a picture on his mom’s office wall!

Seiki felt emboldened and reckless when he realized Julia Jones knew he existed.  He launched into a bar song that he had learned from his dad..  Seiki put everything he could muster into that song.

When he finished singing, he looked at her and waited, as his senses started to return.   Julia looked at him like he was a five year old showing her his drawing.  She didn’t sing along, but she radiated at him.
They decided to hang out and Julia asked him if he played chess.  Jeah!*   Of course he played chess!  They talked about getting ready for PSU.  She was going to be in the Honors Dorm, (of course), and he hadn’t decided yet.  (in other words he was going to be in the Underclassmen Dorm).   He was secretly hoping that his dad’s frat house would accept him during rush, but he wasn’t going around broadcasting that to people, especially Julia Jones.
In August 1, 2012, Lochte trademarked his personal catchphrase, “Jeah,” with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.[90]


4 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Aw, Seiki trying his hardest to make a good impression on Julia was really quite endearing! She seems a bit difficult to read though – I wonder if she sees him as romantic potential or just another cute kid.

  2. by Shannon says:

    Hi Carla, saw you commented just as I'm about to leave for work. (Its night for you, right?) Anyway, I am glad Julia came across that way because her focus is entirely on school and ambition right now. She's a really serious fortune sim, and so I see her enjoying being around him because he's different and they are compatible, but it now really crossing her mind to think of him romantically (at least consciously). Ha! Well, that's the way I'm interpreting her wishes, etc right now.

    He, on the other hand, rolled up the want to go on a date when he got home (first time for him). I only let him call her because she doesn't live in Simdale Valley, although she does have a high relationship with her grandparents who are his neighbors. The next day, three out of his four wants were romantic, but not specific to her. So I see him as just realizing girls, (and Julia) are out there and are an interest to him. Eventually, they may get together since they are compatible and there is a limited playable pool, but I don't plan that to happen til Julia is content with her accomplishments, and he could have moved on by then. We'll see. Thanks for reading!

  3. retromaisie says:

    Seiki is adorable, but I totally don't see Julia having a romantic interest in him. He seems like a cute kid, really. I wonder if he will get into the frat house. Maybe when he matures and proves himself as academically inclined, and motivated, Julia would see him as a potential.

  4. by Shannon says:

    Thanks for commenting, Maisie! At this point, gameplay-wise, they do have two bolts, but neither have had a first kiss so thankfully they were all platonic from the ACR end. One the story side, I also don't see her having a romantic interest in him…yet. I can imagine her one day being attracted to his playfulness and, it didn't come across yet in this snippet, but he is a Pisces, who I really picture underneath the immaturity (you are right about that, but he's only 17 and pretty privileged) being quite stable and the kind of peaceful person that more driven people might be attracted to. (I know, pleasure and pisces are a weird combination, but I am trying to break out of my usual molds.)

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