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Naomi Redbird

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Naomi Redbird

Birthdate:   July 6, 572

Naomi Redbird is a contemporary of James and Elise Petite, Julien Cooke, Chelsea Finnbar, and Zane Roberts.  She and Sandy Bruty became best friends when Naomi lived briefly in Simdale Valley, before she moved back to Port Prominence.  Naomi’s sister is Laney Redbird McElveen, and Naomi has a niece, Charlotte McElveen, and a nephew, Ethan McElveen.  Naomi and Laney’s heritage is part Sioux, part Irish.  Her roommates in college were Ophelia Nigmos and Ripp Grunt.  Ripp was the closest thing she’s had to a boyfriend; although it wasn’t an exclusive relationship they preferred each other’s company to anyone else’s.

Naomi lives in Port Prominence in a converted warehouse.

Naomi is confident in relationships, and has that “je ne sais quoi.”   She attracts a lot of interest from men, and will sometimes go with it in the moment, but she’s quite choosy when it comes to her heart.  Naomi is energetic and athletic, and enjoys yoga.

Naomi graduated from Fiesta Tech with a bachelor’s in history.  She has worked as a party DJ, a record store clerk, owned her own salon, Birds of a Feather, and currently is the general manager of the Port Prominence branch of Bella’s Secret.

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  1. maisie says:

    Ooo I wanna see Naomi’s warehouse, have you share that tour? She is really pretty, her eyes make me think that she’s quite perceptive of others/the world. I like that she’s not careless with her heart, and look forward to seeing what she gets into.

    • I didn’t built Naomi’s warehouse, but I’ll put some pictures up on Tumblr sometime. I haven’t personalized it for her yet, but I like the feel of it. There are a couple shots of it in Naomi’s latest update, A Few Good Men. Naomi, to me, is one of the most striking sims I have and I really admire her straightforward perception of the world too.

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