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Reality Check

February 12, 2017      In Take Me to the Moon 13 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 7.9

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Scribbled Note in a Travel Journal owned by Grayson Tesla

I’ve just awoken from the oddest, and most vivid dream.    It clings to my senses even after a stiff drink and a cold shower. I am writing it down, hoping the act of doing so will help me shake it off.

The dream started with the lighting of the fireplace in my room by a woman dressed in an ancient, threadbare, alluring gown and ornate hair.   Her eyes invited me to her, yet terrified and repelled me, at the same time.

The next thing I remember, another woman — or perhaps, the same one, but in a dreamlike way, suddenly different — bared long, white teeth and hissed at me, an action which, as I write, sounds absurd. And my reaction to her, in the dream, was even more absurd; I hesitate to write this as it makes no sense, but I felt keen lust, as if I would die unless it were fulfilled.

Yet again, she changed, or time passed without my knowledge of it, as it does in dreams.  Somehow, I knew, or thought, it was her, but she was a different person.

Her bizarre attacks inexplicably lured me into a state of frenzied desire, like I’ve never felt before.

Then, as we stood in front of a mirror, she entered my mind.

Upon awaking, I tried to regain my normal demeanor but so far, remain shaken.

I have decided to record the events that happened when I arrived here, in hopes that the recitation of the mundane will shatter this cloying dream.

Although I had been informed that the Count Vladistraus had recently died, it was he who met me at the front door.  Or perhaps in her invitation to me, my host, Ms. Morai, meant to allude to a different Count.

Upon meeting Count Vladistraus, his  gaunt visage and stiff demeanor seemed to belie a powerful will.

And this is so odd- where did I get that sense from, of his will?  I feel that I can no longer trust my mind, which has always served me well.  My mind seems overtaken with fantasy and delusion, and it’s thoughts are no longer familiar to me.

He welcomed me in, stressing that I need enter of my own free will.  Then the count showed me to a dining hall laid with a small, but filling supper of stew and bread.   As I began to eat, I realized my host had left me.

After dinner, I waited for what seemed a long time in the dining hall, but when no one returned, I ventured to find the Count.

As I located him in an upper room, pondering a chess board, he indicated that he would show me to room shortly, however, he did not invite me to play.

After recording the events of last night’s arrival, I realize, that the Count is most likely a social recluse, and his rusty manners, as well as the new location, threw me off and produced such an vivid and distressing dream.

Gameplay Notes:

  • Grayson’s not in San Myshuno anymore!  For those readers who haven’t played around with the Sims 4 vampires, Absinthe has the highest level of the alluring vampire power and that’s what produces the pink aura.  She had Grayson in quite a trance.  I really love the effect that vampires have no reflection, it looks really amazing.


13 Comments so far:

  1. wow I didn’t notice that the vampire had no reflection, it is cool 🙂 Grayson had really gotten himself in a bit of trouble 😀

    • V, thanks for commenting. That mirror effect is one of my favorite things about vampires! Yes, Grayson has been struggling since he arrived in Forgotten Hollow. He is not in control anymore.

  2. I love seeing the vampires pack in your game. It looks really great! I still don’t have it yet, and not sure what I’d even do with it when I do buy it, except I know I do want to use the world.

    Yes! I love this! I hope Grayson and Absinthe end up in a twisted, soul-sucking, passionate affair! 🙂 She is very lovely!

    I love Grayson’s grown-up features, by the way. He is such a great mix of both his mom and his dad.

    • Laura, glad you’re enjoying seeing the Vampires pack since you are waiting to get it. I can’t imagine playing vampires very much but the CAS and build and buy items are all really amazing. And for the legacy, I’m enjoying dipping into the world of vampires, at least for a little while.

      I love Grayson’s look, too. I think he’s my favorite male heir so far in the legacy. Absinthe already has quite a hold on him. I like your description for what you’d like to see- soul-sucking, passionate, twisted. Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. Carla says:

    I am assuming (hoping?) Grayson isn’t dead but I just wanted to say the “found in travel journal owned by Grayson Tesla” note at the start made me wonder if he was! I laughed at how my thoughts jumped to death while Laura’s jumped to a torrid love affair!

    The vampires having no reflection is a nice touch, though it’s not one I can say is new or not. I have never played with the vampires, in TS2 or TS3.

  4. Carla, I am so glad you told me that the phrase “found in travel journal” made you think that- I didn’t even think about that while I was writing it and definitely want to clear up that Grayson is alive. Now that you say that it makes it sound like could be! The contrast between yours and Laura’s assumptions is funny.

    All I was thinking as I wrote that, is that Grayson is at the castle for an extended time but unable to send any correspondence to anyone, but I wanted to tell the story through journals and letters, like Bram Stoker’s. I might edit that because I can really see how it would make you think the owner of that travel journal had later disappeared and all that was left was a journal to be found by someone.

  5. Echo Weaver says:

    I loved that shot of Absinthe in front of the mirror! Sims 4 vampires are really eerie!

    So Grayson has moved there permanently? It looks like he might be there for a long time…. Assuming he wasn’t turned.

    • Susan, Grayson plans to swipe some treasures and get out of there. As for eeriness, yes, I was so happy with the detail and range of archetypes available for Sims 4 vampires. You can just as easily write a Twilight story or a Gothic one or your own concoction with the tools they made for us. Thanks for commenting!

  6. maisie says:

    Very creepy! I love that he’s second guessing his own mind, it reminds me of Dracula the book and young Mr. Hawker. Did you ever read that book? The Vampires in this are fantastic, I love the powers they have, and I was right on top of that lack of reflection! Very nice touch!

  7. Wow, that was creepy! But in a good way, lol!! I must agree with you that the mirror effect is quite impressive! 🙂

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