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Raine Hodson

August 9, 2017      In Falls Bridge 2 Comments

Raine Hodson does not have a sense of humor but he enjoys the company of lots of different people, for the most part.  Even without his sense of humor, he is quite charismatic, and he makes friends easily. Perhaps Raine has such a serious outlook because he is a widower.  Aston’s mother died in childbirth, which Raine never discusses.  Until recently, he had not dated again, but in late summer 2017, a reporter who came in to review the store for a magazine connected with him and he and Lexie have had a couple of dates which were “not a disaster.”

Raine throws almost all of his energy into rearing Aston, and running Hodson’s General Store.   As a parent, Raine is attentive and conscientious, although it is sometimes hard to juggle parenting with running the store.

Born:  February 1982

Astrological Sign:  Aries

Aspiration:  Fortune

Personality:  Orderly 7; Outgoing 7; Active  6; Humorless 1; Assertive 4

Genetics:  Black hair, Custom Aqua eyes, S4, no freckles, wears glasses

Romance:  Girlfriend, Lexie Hsu, 1 bolt

Friendship:  Karina Radcliff

Raine Hodson, with his son, Aston, age 4.


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  1. maisie says:

    Lexie is pretty cute! Hopefully her being a reporter doesn’t mean she’s disingenuous with their dating. I’m curious to see how Aston takes the dating as well. He seems like he’s a good man, but possibly hard to relate to, with all that seriousness and lack of openness about his late wife with Aston.

    • Good point about reporters not always being the most transparent. Lexie had quite an effect on Raine in game. I was shocked at how outgoing she was as the reporter, when I saw her stats (0 outgoing!) Raine seemed light around her, even though he’s so serious, even before ACR was in the game. I have “no instant love,” and they only have one bolt, but playing them, they just gelled together and it was really sweet.

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