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Profile: Roberts-Bruty Family

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Profile: Roberts-Bruty Family

Roberts-Bruty Family, December 604
Sandy Bruty, Age 40, Zane Roberts, age 38, and Zach Roberts-Bruty, age 1
Sandy Bruty met Zane when she took the job of chef at his restaurant, Jack’s Place.  Jack’s Place is the seafood restaurant at the pier in Simdale Valley, named after Capt. Jack, the notorious pirate who was said to have wintered in the bay.
Sandy and Zane started living together when they found out Zach was on the way.  Neither had considered having a child, but by the time he came, they were ready to provide a home for him.
Sandy’s best friend is Naomi Redbird, who owns the Birds of a Feather salon in Simdale Valley and lives right across the street.

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