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Profile: Redbird, Naomi

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Profile: Redbird, Naomi

Naomi in college

Birth Year:  572
(Created as YA in Strangetown ‘hood)
Sign:  Leo
(Sloppy 4;Outgoing 10; Laid Back 4; Serious 4; Grouchy 3)
Primary Aspiration:  Romance
Secondary Aspiration:  None Yet
Lifetime Wish: 10 first dates; (as YA, 20 different woohos)
Main Hobby:  Dancing, Socializing
Natural Hobby Inclination:  Dance & Music
Main Interests:  Politics, weather, fashion
Favorite Color:  Bright
Style:  Fashionista
Parenting Style:  Uninvolved
Family:  Sister of Laney Redbird McElveen; Aunt of Charlotte and Ethan McElveen
Contemporary of:  Simone and George Endeavor, Laney McElveen, Declan McElveen
Best Childhood Friend:  unknown
College Roomies:  Laney Redbird (now McElveen), Declan Endeavor
Post college roomies:  Ophelia Nigmos, Ripp Grunt
Romantic Interests:  Ray Fuller (Mr. Big); has 2 bolts with several sims, none really special yet. Many from Strangetown, most notable being Ripp Grunt who she constantly rolled wants for and it was mutual.  They were quite a pair!
Spouse:  Are you kidding!?  No way!
Children:  not for a long time!
Alma Mater:  Fiesta Tech
Major:  History
Career 1:  Record Store Clerk, Party DJ (as adult in Strangetown)
Career 2:  Salon Owner, “Birds of a Feather” in Simdale Valley

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