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Profile: Petite-Brown Family

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Profile: Petite-Brown Family

The Petite-Brown Family, 604
Elise is 30, James is 32, Harrison is 4, Helen is 18 months, and Jen, the dog, is 2.
Elise Brown and James Petite grew up in Simdale Valley.  Elise’s best friend growing up was Chelsea Finnbar, and James’ best friend was George Endeavor.  (And Chelsea gave them Jen, a well-trained Jack Russell she bred and trained.).  After returning from PSU, they noticed each other for the first time, as romantic possibilities, and fell in love, got married, and started a family.  They were very lucky to inherit their home from Elise’s grandmother, Sybil Brown.  Elise is a preschool and kindergarten teacher.  James is not decided on what he wants to do long-term; he has been teaching high school in Port Prominence but would like to find work in Simdale Valley.

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