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Profile: Ono, Sayuri

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Profile: Ono, Sayuri

Sayuri, age 51.  (Haven’t figured out how to advance her age without making her an elder; so she looks 30-ish).
Sims 4 Aspiration:
“Nerd Brain.”  Nerd Brains want to excel in book knowledge and handiness.  
Sims 4 Traits:
Quick Learner, Genius, Active, and Bookworm.  This means that she tends to be focused and energetic, loves to talk about ideas, and can analyze and read books more easily/effectively.
Sims 4 Career:
Currently on sabbatical from Medical Career while waiting to see which careers are added to the game in December 2014.
Sayuri Ono, age 48
Sayuri, age 44
Birth Year:  556
Nee:  Sayuri Ono
(CAS sim; Founder in New Simdale Valley)
Sign:  Aries
(Neat 9;Outgoing 8; Active 8; Serious 3; Grouchy 1)
Primary Aspiration:  Fortune
Secondary Aspiration:  None Yet
Lifetime Wish: Media Magnate
Main Hobby:  none yet
Natural Hobby Inclination:  Music & Dance
Main Interests:  Politics, Culture, Health, Travel, Weather, Work
Style:  Preppy/Vintage
Parenting Style:  Authoritarian
Contemporary of:  Daniel Ono
Best Childhood Friend:  unknown
College Roomies:  unknown
Romantic Interests:  unknown
Spouse:  Daniel Ono
Children:  Seiki Ono, Yuki Ono
Career #1:  General Practitioner (at Simdale Valley Clinic)
Babies delivered:
603:  Zach Bruty
604:  Ethan McElveen

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