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Profile: Ono Family

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Profile: Ono Family

Daniel, Age 46; Sayuri, Age 51, and Yuki, age 12.
Daniel, age 43; Sayuri (Dr. Ono), age 48; and Yuki, age 9.  
March 604, Twikki Island
(Seiki away at PSU)

Ono Family, 603 (Round 2)
(Left to right, top to bottom)
Sayuri, age 47; Daniel, age 42
Yuki, age 5; Seiki, age 17

The Ono Family moved to Simdale Valley in Year 600, after Sayuri was recruited to be the town doctor.  Daniel is a game designer and has always taken the primary responsibility for caring for the kids while Sayuri has concentrated on her career.  He is a playful, attentive dad, almost always available when he’s not at work to toss a ball with Yuki or play video games with Seiki.  Seiki declared the art major after one semester at PSU.   Seiki got very good at tinkering in high school, after getting a robotics table for his 16th birthday.  His senior year he was working on cleaning bots to help around the house.  Yuki wants a soccer goal for the backyard, but is going to have to wait for the family budget to allow it.  Yuki is a good student and mostly compliant child, who gets away with things when she can without getting in trouble too much, sometimes.
Simdale Valley Clinic was mortgaged to Sayuri at 0% interest in exchange for her services as town doctor, so eventually it should make a good living for the family, but for now they are living mainly on Daniel’s salary and savings they had from Port Prominence, where Sayuri was an ob/gyn at the medical center.  It is tight right now because they are also paying a partial mortgage on the house.

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