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Profile: Ono, Daniel

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Profile: Ono, Daniel

Daniel, age 46
Sims 4 Aspiration:  
Party Animal
Sims 4 Traits:
Gregarious, Bro, Self-Assured, Romantic
Sims 4 Career:
Tech Guru, Gaming Branch

Daniel, age 39

Birth Year:  561
(Founding Sim in New Simdale Valley)
Sign:  Taurus
(Neat 5;Outgoing 5; Lazy 3; Playful 7; Grouchy 4)
Primary Aspiration:  Pleasure
Secondary Aspiration:  None Yet
Lifetime Wish: Be Captain Hero
Main Hobby:  Playing with kids
Natural Hobby Inclination:  Gaming
Main Interests:  Weather, Toys, Food, Entertainment
Parenting Style:  Permissive
Contemporary of:  Alexis Jones, Declan & Laney McElveen
Best Childhood Friend: unknown
College Roomies:  unknown
Romantic Interests:  unknown
Spouse:  Sayuri Ono
Children:  Seiki Ono, Yuki Ono
Career #1:  Gamer, Currently at “Power Leveler” job

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