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Profile: McElveen, Laney

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Profile: McElveen, Laney

Laney, age 40, just having delivered her second child, Ethan.

Laney, age 38, with Charlotte, age 2

Laney as a student at Fiesta Tech

Birth Date:  564
(Created as YA in Strangetown ‘hood)
Nee:  Laney Redbird
Sign:  Scorpiio
(Neat 6;Outgoing 5; Active 8; Playful 3; Nice 3)
Primary Aspiration:  Family
Secondary Aspiration:  Fortune
Lifetime Wish: Graduate 3 children from college
Main Hobby:  Sewing
Natural Hobby Inclination:
Main Interests:
Sister of:  Naomi Redbird
Contemporary of:   
Best Childhood Friend:
College Roomies:
Romantic Interests:  Declan McElveen
Spouse:  Declan McElveen
Children:  Charlotte McElveen, born Sep 600; Ethan, born August 604
Alma Mater:   Fiesta Tech (Honors Program)
Major:  Economics
Career 1:  Junior Executive
Career 2:  Stay-At-Home Mom

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