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Profile: McElveen, Jackson

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Profile: McElveen, Jackson

Jackson, age 65

Birth Year:  535

(Married Founder Sim in Strangetown ‘hood and extracted to NSV)
Sign:  Libra
(Sloppy 2;Outgoing 8; Lazy 2; Playful 5; Nice 7)
Primary Aspiration:  Family
Secondary Aspiration:  None Yet
Lifetime Wish: Have 6 grandchildren
Main Hobby:  Work, Grandkids
Natural Hobby Inclination:  Arts & Crafts
Main Interests:  Grandkids
Contemporary of:  Chloe Endeavor, Miguel Jones, Moira Jones
Best Childhood Friend:  townie
College Roomies:  na
Romantic Interests:  Mystery Sim, Chloe McElveen
Spouse:  Chloe McElveen
Children:  Declan McElveen, (John McElveen, not extracted to NSV), and Simone McElveen
Grandchildren:  Charlotte McElveen, Sienna Endeavor, Ethan McElveen
 Career 1 (Strangetown), was at level 8 of Military career.
Career 2 (NSV):  Level 8 of Oceanography Career
During Round 2, he had a ROS to lose his job and find a new one. 
Career 3:  (Elder career),  gas station attendant (ros)

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