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Profile: McElveen Family

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Profile: McElveen Family

The McElveen Family
(Left to Right)
George Endeavor, Jackson McElveen, Declan McElveen
Simone McElveen, Chloe McElveen, Laney McElveen,
Sienna Endeavor, Charlotte McElveen
The McElveen Family came to New Simdale Valley from their home in downtown Strangetown.  Jackson and Chloe had worked all their lives on the military base (he was a career military man, she was a scientist).  They put their three children, Declan, Simone, and her twin, John, through college and saw them gain much more success in life than they had been able to.  Declan, especially, made a lot of money within a few years of graduation, in the business career.  During the transition to Simdale Valley, Chloe was able to get a job with one of the research companies that supplied the science lab on the military base at Strangetown.   She is a  consulting CEO.  Now that they are settled in Simdale Valley, living with George and Simone, Jackson has fulfilled his wish of retiring and spends his days with his granddaughter, Sienna. 
Declan is currently a junior executive at a large tech company in Port Prominence.  He and Laney are considering opening an arcade in New Simdale Valley.  His wife, Laney, is happy for the meantime to stay home with Charlotte, but she will probably eventually return to her business career as well, so a business in town would allow her to be close by.  Simone (Slacker Career) manages the lifeguard program at the Simdale Valley Community Pool and the YMCA, and supervises the Drama Club at the school.  She and George got married after college.  George is a descendant of both the Endeavor and Fish families from Simdale Valley. ( He is named after George Fish).   He is an architect and hoping to build on a lot of special projects in Simdale Valley, Summerton, and Port Prominence during his career. 

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