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Profile: McElveen Family (Gen 2)

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Profile: McElveen Family (Gen 2)

Declan & Laney McElveen, age 40; Charlotte McElveen, Age 4, and Ethan McElveen, 1 month
September 604

McElveen Family, Generation 2
Charlotte (age 2), Laney Redbird McElveen, & Declan McElveen

Declan Endeavor is the oldest child of the original founders of my Strangetown neighborhood.  When he was a child, the family had very little and both his parents were working long hours.  Declan, consequently, really knows the value of a simoleon and since his 13th birthday has held down a job as well as excelled.  Declan majored in Economics at Fiesta Tech, graduated with honors, and got a job in a tech company right after graduation.  He climbed the ladder quickly, has made a lot of money, and has invested it well.

Laney Redbird and Declan met early in their college career at Fiesta Tech, and became engaged before leaving college.  Laney is very serious and active, and since college wanted to have three children graduate from college.  After graduating with honors, Laney got a job in a retail company headquarters and became a junior executive within a few years.  She quit working for the family to move to Simdale Valley and to take care of Charlotte full time as a baby and toddler. She would like return to work when she feels that her children’s needs allow it, and she and Declan are considering opening a business in Simdale Valley, but haven’t decided what type would be most needed by the community.

In August 604, Laney and Declan welcomed their second child, a son, named Ethan.


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