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Profile: Jones, Moira

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Profile: Jones, Moira

Moira, age 55

Moira, Strangetown, 54

Birth Year:  546

nee:  Moira Jones (created in CAS in Strangetown ‘hood)
Sign: Gemini
(Sloppy 4;Outgoing 7; Active 8; Serious 3; Grouchy 3)
Primary Aspiration:  Family
Secondary Aspiration:  Popularity
Lifetime Wish: Be a Game Designer
Main Hobby:  Basketball
Natural Hobby Inclination:  Sports
Main Interests:  Sports, Travel, Health, Money
Contemporary of: Miguel Jones, Jackson & Chloe McElveen
Best Childhood Friend:  unknown
College Roomies:  unknown
Romantic Interests:  unknown
Spouse: Miguel Jones
Children:  Alexis Jones
Grandchildren:  Julia Jones
Retired, Programmer

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