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Profile: Finnbar, Chelsea

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Profile: Finnbar, Chelsea

Birth Year:   576
 (New Simdale Valley Founder created in CAS)
Nee:  Chelsea Finnbar
Sign:  Sagittarius
(Sloppy  1;Intoverted 4; Active 9 ; Playful 7; Grouchy 4)
Primary Aspiration:  Popularity
Secondary Aspiration:  None Yet
Lifetime Wish: Become Mayor
Main Hobby:  Dog Breeding & Training
Natural Hobby Inclination:
Main Interests:  animals, food, money, culture
Favorite Color:
Style:  Sporty
Parenting Style: Authoritative
Contemporary of:  Naomi Redbird
Best Childhood Friend:  Elise Brown
College Roomies:  Elise Brown
Romantic Interests:  Julien Cooke, Todd Phillips
Spouse:  None
Children:  None
Grandchildren:  None
First Career:  Record Store Clerk
Second Career:   Campaign Worker; promoted to Lobbyist,  Campaign Manager

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