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Profile: Endeavor Family

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Profile: Endeavor Family

George and Simone Endeavor, age 32; Sienna Endeavor, age 4
September 604

The Endeavor Family
George Endeavor, Simone McElveen Endeavor, Sienna Endeavor (age 2)
The Endeavor Family combines the old and new in Simdale Valley.  George Endeavor, named for  Old Simdale Valley Founder George Fish, is also descended from the Endeavor family of old Simdale Valley.  He is married to Simone McElveen, who is the daugher of the primary Strangetown prosperity ‘hood founder, Chloe McElveen.  Simone is in the Slacker Career, but keeps busy as the lifeguard program coordinator for both the community pool and the Simdale Y.  She also volunteers as the supervisor of the drama club (her major in college) at the local school.  George started out as an architectural intern, basically overseeing a lot of different local construction and renovation projects such as the New Simdale Valley School, the Simdale Valley Clinic, and the old Victorian home on the town square, which is a project funded by the Simdale Valley Preservation Fund.  In January 604, he was promoted to architectural partner.  However, due to ongoing problems with the school construction, he is still overseeing that project for now.
Chloe and Jackson, Simone’s parents, have retired in New Simdale Valley, and they live with George and Simone in a rambling old house across from the cemetery, Children’s Park, and community pool.  Jackson was on the list to join the astronaut program, but retired before attaining that goal.  Chloe was a successful scientist at Fort Strange, but when the family moved to Simdale Valley, she was able to get a job as a science consultant in a large company in Port Prominence.

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