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Chelsea Finnbar

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Chelsea Finnbar

Birthdate:  July 2, 576

Birth name:  Chelsea Finnbar

Parents: CAS sim

Siblings:  none

Contemporary of:   Naomi Redbird, Elise Brown

Best Friends:   Elise Brown, Moira Jones (next door neighbor)

Romantic Interests:  Julien Cooke (Boyfriend); Senator Todd Phillips (Love Interest)

Children:  none

Personality:   The most important thing to Chelsea is to have lots of friends, and when she’s alone, she gets discouraged or lonely easily.  She tends to make friends easily, but when she first moved to Simdale Valley she didn’t know many people.    She tends to be energetic and focused when she has a goal that is important to her.   Disorganization and messy environments don’t distract her; she is able to keep a lot of things going all at once.

Education/Career:   Her first job was as a Record Store clerk.  After arriving in Simdale Valley, she got a job at town hall, part-time, running the Chamber of Commerce information center.  However, she eventually was assigned to lobby with the state senate for the Simdale Valley school board, for the funding to build a local high school.   She was very successful in this project and has just taken a job as Senator Phillips’ campaign manager.

Parenting Style:   none yet

Clothing Style:  Sporty

Hobbies/Interests:   Chelsea used to breed and train dogs, but with her new career as a Campaign Manager she no longer works with dogs.   She and Julien, her boyfriend, both enjoy throwing parties.

Most Recent Chapter:  The Girl Next Door

Chelsea Finnbar Sideview Profile


Chelsea Finnbar S2 profile

Sims 2 Profile


Sign:  Sagittarius

(Sloppy  1;Intoverted 4; Active 9 ; Playful 7; Grouchy 4)

Primary Aspiration:  Popularity

Secondary Aspiration:  None Yet

Lifetime Wish: Become Mayor

Main Hobby:  Dog Breeding & Training

Natural Hobby Inclination:

Main Interests:  animals, food, money, culture

Favorite Color:

Style:  Sporty

Parenting Style: Authoritative


Contemporary of:  Naomi Redbird

Best Childhood Friend:  Elise Brown

College Roomies:  Elise Brown

Romantic Interests:  Julien Cooke, Todd Phillips

Spouse:  None

Children:  None

Grandchildren:  None


First Career:  Record Store Clerk

Second Career:   Campaign Worker; promoted to Lobbyist,  Campaign Manager


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  1. maisie says:

    You did a great job remaking her! I really like her TS4 version, she has an adorable face. Excited to see her as a campaign manager, maybe if/when they add pets to TS4 she can dabble in dogs again as a hobby.

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