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Playing with Fire

March, 605
PSU Honors Dorm
Featuring Julia Jones and Hattie Granger.  Julia, Hattie, Gordon, and Seiki are sophomores.   Ophelia Nigmos is a junior.

Julia and Hattie’s previous update/ Hattie’s Next Update/Julia and Hattie’s Next Update

Julia and Hattie are planning to move out of the Honors Dorm, if they can find an apartment they can afford, before they start their junior year.  The bad food, and bizarre dormies, get to you after a while.  And with Julia’s scholarships they think they can find somewhere to live.
Julia has been in a rut with Abram since they got together at the end of her freshman year.  Their relationship was like phosphorus burning…so bright and hot for a brief shining moment.  She just doesn’t seem to care about spending time with him, even though she cares about him.  He hadn’t seen her in a while, so he dropped by the dorm during a jog, and she just about totally ignored him.

Finally, she gave him a hug and said, “you know, Hattie and I have stuff to do, do you mind leaving?”


He seemed kind of surprised but was really nice about it.  Between internships, studying, and friendships, they never spend any time together.  But neither wants to upset the status quo and break up.
Julia would rather spend time playing chess with Hattie than doing anything, with Abram.  Having a boyfriend is like having a box ticked.  Ok, that’s done, now what’s next?
Evidently, talking with Llama Boy… is what’s next.
And going to the library.
With girlfriends.  Definitely spine-tingling action.
And introducing your mom to your RA…
Of course, a couple little somethings happened at the library, probably note-worthy.  Hattie, who has a well-tuned boy-trouble radar, got a crush on Gordon Nott




He just happens to be Seiki Ono’s roommate.  Who Julia ran into in the Social Sciences section of the stacks,
And let him have a piece of her mind.  For the way he treated Hattie.  Out of character for Julia.





Way out of character.
Seiki had never seen that side of Julia.  She’s always been so nice before.  Maybe he’ll start to think before he acts.
Usually she’s very self-controlled and professional.   Like at her pre-internship, this semester in the Stockbroking section of the Peninsula State Bank.
She and Hattie finagled to be able to both work under Mia Griffin, CEO for Finance, and directly with Marylena Hamilton, Account Manager for Corporate Investments.
Ms Griffin instructing Marylena to take good care of the interns.  Marylena seems a lot more keen than was Dora Ottomas.
Although she did send Julia downstairs to fetch her coffee.  ah, the life of an intern.
Hattie and Julia share a cubicle and work on learning the stockbroking script.
There’s a guy, Benjiman Long, right across from Hattie.  She doesn’t introduce herself.  Must not be trouble.
Ms Griffin and Marylena waiting for the latest stock updates.


Ms. Ramaswami, the Human Resources director, comes by to make sure Hattie and Julia are settled in.
 She fills in Ms. Hamilton on the agreement that the girls work under for the Global Business Program; this semester looks like it will be a lot more fun than accounting.


Julia doesn’t roll any wants to do anything with Abram.  Even when he was there, she only rolled wants to talk.   She does have a fear of him dying.
It is hard finding someone Hattie is attracted to!  She likes Amunilius, who constantly goes around starting fights in the dorm, besides being hideos looking.   Here, her number one attraction was to the dormie named Nate (yuck).  He’s the guy just to her left.   She did have a bolt with Gordon, and he likes her too.  But he is best friends and roommates with Seiki.
I ended up removing the friend flags for Julia towards Seiki, and having her argue with him several times, because it just didn’t make sense that they had 100/100 with the way he treated Hattie.  He is so nice, though, he keeps smiling at her even when she’s fussing at him.

4 Comments so far:

  1. retromaisie says:

    Julia looks fabulous in her intern clothes! Sure getting coffee stinks, but it pretty much comes with that territory, in time she'll be sending someone else to get her coffee! I really liked this update, the office space, meeting area, and even the view from the windows look great!

    Oh Seiki… laughing and taking the argument in stride. Maybe Julia just won't find someone in university (or give some makeovers to those maxis guys). She might focus on her career and not guys as much, I have a few ladies like that too, and it's kind of nice to have someone that doesn't need a man.

    • You're right, Julia's time to be the boss will probably come relatively soon. And I agree, it's nice she doesn't need a man. Maybe she just enjoyed her little fling freshman year with Abram and got it out of her system.
      Hattie wants to fall in love, but I am not going to let her end up with one of those maxis guys I've seen so far that she's attracted to. Their genes are just too hideous.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Carla says:

    Gordon and Hattie, eh? I wonder if Seiki would take a new interest in Hattie if she took up with Gordon. Hmmm.

    It's a shame about Abram and Julia but with Julia being as busy with other things as she is, it's not really a surprise either. Maybe they'll want to find more time to spend together when her internship is over.

    I love watching Hattie and Julia at their internship, by the way! It's nothing like I've done in my own hood, so I'm filing it all away for future reference, lol.

    • Carla, when Hattie was attracted to Gordon I was like, really??! Can you be any more a magnet for trouble with guys??!

      I wonder if Julia will roll more wants about Abram later. Her secondary is family so I'm sort of surprised she hasn't.

      I'm glad you enjoy the internship. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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