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James Petite

Birthdate:  January 6, 572

James Petite is married to Elise Petite, and they live in Simdale Valley, near the school.  They have a son, Harrison, and a daughter, Helen.  Both Elise and James are teachers. James is a high school science, math, and shop teacher, and Elise teaches elementary school.

James is very outgoing and playful, although he is serious and good at taking care of his family and his work.  Family is the most important thing to him in the world– that those he loves are happy.  He also loves hanging out with friends, and he and Elise spend a lot of time with their best friends and neighbors, Sheldon and Lillith Bright.  James’ best friend growing up was George Endeavor.

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The Petite’s home in Simdale Valley


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