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Helen Petite

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Helen Petite

Birthdate:  June 9, 603

Helen is very outgoing, very active, very playful, and quite strong-willed.  She’s inquisitive.  She loves to go outside with her brother, mom, and dad and explore the area around their fish pond.  At the age of 22 months, she already insists on wearing a “splorer’s” hat when she goes outside, and with her mom being an art teacher, and her dad being a science teacher, she gets lots and lots of food to feed her constant curiosity.

Her brother is Harrison Petite, and her parents are James and Elise Petite, who are both teachers.  Her family has just recently opened their home to a sibling group of unaccompanied teens, Kylie, Michael, and Elle Smith.

Helen’s Sims 2 Profile

Petite Helen profile


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