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Elise Petite

Birthdate:  September 6, 574

Elise Petite is married to James Petite, and lives in the countryside of Simdale Valley with their son, Harrison, and their daughter, Helen.  Elise and James were very lucky to inherit her grandmother’s home in Simdale Valley, and much of the furnishings, since as teachers they wouldn’t have been able to save up for such a nice home for a long, long time.

Elise used to be good friends with  Chelsea Finnbar, but these days she is closer to her neighbor Lillith Bright, and her other neighbor, Moira Jones.  She has a lot in common with Simone Endeavor, but doesn’t know her well, yet.

Elise loves being a wife and mom, and love and family are the most important things to her.  She loves to nurture people and plants.  She enjoys crafts and art, and her favorite style of clothing and furnishings is boho chic.

She teaches preschool, kindergarten, and art at Simdale Valley School.

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Elise’s Sims 2 Profile

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The Petite’s home in Simdale Valley, down a little lane from the Town Hall and School.













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