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Oz Radcliff

August 18, 2017      In Falls Bridge 2 Comments

Oz at age 7, July 2018

Oz got his dad’s brown eyes and his mom’s extreme extroversion, as well as her love of music and dance.  He is the kind of kid who knows what he is interested in and what he’s not, and not afraid to tell others whether their interests are boring or not.  Oz appears to be a natural born performer, but he doesn’t have the disciplined focus to become an artist.  His best friend in this new town is his grandma Bee, who encourages his outspoken attitude.

Born:  May 2011

Astrological Sign:  Leo

Aspiration:  Grow Up

Personality: Happy Go Lucky (4), Gregarious (10), Discriminating (4), Leisurely (4), and Outspoken (3)

Genetics:  Brown hair, brown eyes, S2, no freckles, no glasses


Friendship:  Bee (grandma)


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  1. maisie says:

    I’m curious how Oz will be as a teenager, and if he might find focus as he matures. I can see it going both ways for him. Nice that he is close to his Grandma Bee.

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