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Open House: The Grayson

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Open House: The Grayson

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With Fearghus’ promotion to Medical Specialist, and Grayson being very close to his young adult birthday, the family moved “upstairs” to an apartment that is a little bit grander.  Fearghus makes $1950 several times a week when he goes to work, and last week, he also made $11,000 on interest on his investments (from his Shrewd trait, I think, from when he finished the Mansion Baron aspiration).   Although Grayson would have liked a penthouse, with the family still maintaining the island home & crypt, they definitely couldn’t afford that kind of jump in cost of living.

The “new” apartment is actually just the same brownstone space, completely remodeled, so I am considering it to be a higher floor in the same building, for story telling purposes. The renovation and new furnishings cost about $50,000.

Entryway:  The door to the right leads to Alyse & Fearghus’ suite.  The arch to the immediate left is the dining room and rest of the apartment.

The dining room is basically the same space that used to be the living room.

I made the entry hallway so that bedroom doors would not open into the formal dining room

Fearghus has just returned from work and is helping himself to a drink at the globe bar.  The open archway leads into the parlor, which is the space that used to be the kitchen.

The kitchen is in Alyse’s old study space, and is not large enough for a table.

The tiny butler’s quarters are just off the kitchen.

On the other side of the dining room, this is the parlor, in the space that used to be the kitchen.  Grayson admires his Great Aunt Elise, so he hung her portrait over the fire place.

The door next to the fireplace leads to Grayson’s suite.

He stole the bust and the picture on the fireplace in the Von Haunt Heist.

Grayson’s bathroom

And here is Alyse & Fearghus’ suite.  The bedroom is smaller than Grayson’s.

Alyse has a vanity area in the bath room, and the whole suite features her favorite color, purple.

She still has a desk with her own computer for writing, but she is only about 5 days from elder and has not ever gotten into writing or been willing to sit and write for more than a few moments.

The floorplan.  I am really happy with the use of space.  It was important to me to have a formal living and dining, and a butler’s quarters that was separate from the other bedrooms.  I like the balance I got between having enough rooms and a feeling of space in most of the areas.

And the old floorplan, just for comparison



10 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    What an apartment !

    • It is quite grand, I know, but not as costly as a penthouse. The main problem is the lack of space for a nursery, although Grayson has no real romantic prospects, he is the heir and will need to continue the legacy at some point! Thanks for commenting, Cathytea!

  2. Carla says:

    LOVE Grayson’s bathroom! I want that for myself. Everything looks wonderful. The Teslas are quite lucky to have such a grand apartment! I hadn’t realised their last place was also an apartment…or did I read that wrong?

  3. I love this apartment and what you did with it! I have one of my families in this one, too. It’s very spacious!

    Grayson’s bathroom is excellent! It suits him!

  4. Laura, thanks! I was really excited when I saw that there were brownstones in the Spice Market. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to fit a nursery in somehow, hopefully while Fearghus & Alyse are still living.

  5. maisie says:

    Gorgeous! I really like how elegant it is, and what a contrast the butler quarters are to the rest of the house. It reminds me of Downton Abbey! <3 I was going to ask about a nursery… 😀 It has a great flow of space for entertaining and living.

  6. Thanks, Maisie! I’m stumped about the nursery right now but I’ll have to figure something out. Thanks for commenting!

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