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Open House: The Ryleigh (Luxury Patio Home)

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Open House: The Ryleigh (Luxury Patio Home)

Front View (Ryleigh is staying in shape for her wedding, and just because she’s like that):

Back View: (It is right across the street from Delaney’s house)
This is looking from the kitchen into the entryway.  The entryway looks out onto the patio, and you go left to the kitchen or right to the living area and bedrooms.
Living Room:

The courtyard and into the kitchen visible in background:

The door to the nursery (downstairs) and the stairs leading to the master suite:

Looking back towards the entryway and kitchen:


Nursery bath (I’m very happy with the chocolate mint dinos, ha):

Please excuse Dante, he’s in the shower.

Dante is a chef, so he has a state-of-the-art kitchen, which opens onto an outdoor, pergola-covered kitchen!
He grows some herbs in the kitchen:

I am in love with being able to put sinks in the bar counter!
The outdoor kitchen:
And another shot, with the pergola casting shadows on the patio (I’m pleased I figured out how to make a pergola, and love the way the light comes through it!):
The patio in the shadows of the morning light:

Another view of the back of the house:

Master Bedroom (this is decorated in Ryleigh’s style):

Sitting area and armoire, with Ryleigh’s office at top of the stairs.
The master bath, love the ottoman!
Ryleigh working hard for her job in business: (so she can pay the bills on this house, ha!)

My Origin Id is ShannonSimsFan

This house is on the gallery under #Simdale or #Ryleigh

Thanks for looking!

And one more picture of the back of the house, because I love the light


16 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Your sims' houses are all so swish! I love them!

    I'm glad to see Ryleigh and Dante have their priorities in order and have a nursery ready for the inevitable cute children. πŸ˜‰ The outdoor kitchen/dining area is so lovely. Why don't I ever think of things like that when I'm decorating my exteriors, lol? I totally want to add an outdoor kitchen to my next house now. Their indoor kitchen is pretty amazing too. I also love the look of that rock garden/flower bed you can see in the first pic.

  2. Ha, priorities in order! Since Ryleigh and Dante aren't "playable," I went ahead and decorated the nursery, so I could show it as part of the house and so I can just zip in later and have them try for baby. I bet they will have cute children :-).

    I had to look up the meaning of swish on urban dictionary, I had an idea of the meaning with the connotation of the feeling of getting a basketball through the hoop with no rim. Thanks for the kind words! Some poor sim needs to have a house with mismatched old furniture and a boxy shape or lack of feng shui sometime, I suppose, because everyone can't live in luxury.

  3. retromaisie says:

    Very luxurious! Nice shot of Dante in the shower, hubba hubba! πŸ™‚ I really like the color scheme you used for the house. The outdoor patio is just nuts, totally drooling. You really make me want to play a legacy in TS4 and I don't even have the game currently. I really like the tub in the master bath too, very nice and realistic! Their future child will have a pretty epic nursery to play in once they are born!

  4. Thanks, Maisie. Yes It is safe to say that, literally, Dante and Ryleigh's future child will have just about everything that the Sims 4 game has to offer for kids' stuff, lol. I was so excited to play this house a little bit for Ryleigh's engagement party and wedding, and it was really fun. It will be nice to be able to send Delaney over there to swim since she doesn't have a pool of her own.

  5. Echo Weaver says:

    The decorating seems more muted/earth tones here — except for that nursery, which I LOVE. (Not that earth tone decorating is a criticism. I just love the nursery.)

    We're foodies too. That kitchen is to die for :).

    • Yes, I'm not a big fan of earth tones in my RL house. But to me, the earth tones in S4 are one of the prettier palettes for gameplay backdrop because they don't cast a weird hue. My first house in this legacy had yellow walls, which I love in real life, but which made everyone look sick. I should have tried adjusting the tone of the lighting, which has tons of options, but at that point I didn't know about that feature.

      We have a small-ish kitchen in real life, but it is open to the great room and dining, and when we're together, that's where we are most of the time. We pretty much cook from scratch a lot of the time. Good food, yum!

    • Echo Weaver says:

      That is an interesting lesson learned — about wall colors and lighting. I shall file it away.

  6. Lexivita says:

    Your builds looks amazing. ;O Do you use cheats, like move objects, when you build? I’ve downloaded some lots from the gallery who’s probably built with that cheat and it always ends up bugged for me. “/ Just recently I’ve started to make some efforts to my own builds but they always end up so boring. Lol.

    And I can’t believe how you managed to somehow save your legacy! You must be very determined and patient. πŸ™‚ I’m working on catching up on your story. I feel like you are so supportive to my blog, and that makes me really happy. Thank you. I’ve been thinking of commenting on yours too, but I’m so scared of interacting with people. Guess I did it now though. xD

    • You are so kind, and it makes me so happy you took the risk and commented on my blog! I am enjoying your Game of Sims a lot and trying to kind of get up to speed with your characters and what’s been happening. Your short story, disHarmony about the eating disorder was really good,too.

      I did use bb.moveobjects when I decorated the nursery in this house; I almost always use it a lot. It’s aggravating some of the lots you’ve downloaded from the Gallery have been bugged for you. You probably know to download them in build mode, with bb.moveobjects already on… I think that’s how it is supposed to be done. I’ve had to delete some and try again when they get messed up while placing them. As far as building goes, I just build when I’m inspired by something, and sometimes it takes a few tries before I like it, but when I’m building for my sims, that’s when I usually enjoy what I’ve made.

      Thanks again for commenting, it means a lot to me!

      • Lexivita says:

        Aww, thank you so much. πŸ™‚

        That’s probably where I messed up. He he. Don’t think I’ve typed in any code. Thanks for clearing that up for me. ;D

  7. ivanasims says:

    Wonderful! You are a great builder!

  8. I completely love the color scheme for the living room. It’s so sophisticated and nice. The cream/white color with the brown/burgundy wallpaper is A1. I love the kitchen too. Very nice. I love the nursery bathroom color scheme and set up as well. I also love the mast bathroom too. The color of the walls is perfect.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Shannon. I hope you don’t mind a comment on an older post! I have a question about the pool trim in these shots. It looks like it blends in and matches the patio flooring perfectly, but none of the in-game trims seem to match that well. Is that a custom trim or is it the lighting? I really love how seamless it looks.

  10. No, I don’t mind comments anytime, I really love reading them. That does appear to match really well! I know that’s not custom content trim or floor because the game was vanilla at that time, and anyway, I’ve never downloaded custom trim or floor in Sims 4, so it must be the light. But it does look good in both the shadow and in the sun. The lot is still in the Gallery if you want to check what it is specifically. Next time I open Sims 4 I can check but that may be quite a while since I’m taking a break for the next month. Thanks again for commenting!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I did download it and the lot shows up when I don’t have the custom content box ticked. I put it in my game and placed it on the same lot in Oasis Springs but I still can’t replicate it. Of course, if you adjusted the lighting when editing the picture that would also account for it. Thanks for the reply!

      • That’s weird that it doesn’t look right after downloading it. I don’t post-process any of my screen shots (I’m not that tech savvy.) I just take them with FRAPS, upload, and share. But maybe it’s something about my FRAPS settings.

        Oh- maybe the reason it doesn’t look that way now is, these screenshots were taken BEFORE the lighting update! Maybe that’s why it looks different now??

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