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Open House: Joyeux Noel

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Open House: Joyeux Noel

For the holidays, I built a little formal style chateau, and filled it with holiday goodies, colors, and lights.

Here’s the entrance hall, peering into the formal dining room.

The formal dining room is ready for a Christmas feast.


And there are even some crackers on the small table, for the children.

Across the hallway, you can see the French doors to the solarium.


The solarium is a great place for singing carols.

ts4_x64-2016-12-05-19-50-47-93-copy ts4_x64-2016-12-05-19-51-34-57-copy

Going back inside, into the hallway


Here’s the view looking from the parlor to the front door.  The basement stairs are to the left, and the stairs to the second floor (and the attic) are to the right.


The parlor is almost ready for Christmas morning.  In real life, we have one present each, but this home is overflowing with gifts and material things for the sims to enjoy.  The doors lead to the kitchen.


I was inspired by a picture of a tree and fireplace in this sort of relation to a stairway, and I love how this room turned out.


The kitchen is not modernized, with some new cabinetry added, but still a lot of freestanding appliances and plumbing.  There are doors to the dining room, past the espresso machine.


Upstairs is a spacious master suite, with a walk in closet, veranda


and luxurious bath for those cold winter nights.


The butler’s and children’s suites are located in the basement.  I would have preferred to build them above ground, but for the lot size and style, I ran out of space.

Here’s the children’s room


The playroom


And the children’s bath


At the foot of the basement stairs, is the butler’s quarters.  The butler’s room is not fancy, but still outfitted with comfortable, good quality items.  The bed is behind the TV.ts4_x64-2016-12-05-20-05-06-98

The room could be customized once the butler’s traits are discovered.  And the door can be locked so that only the butler can access these areas.


The butler’s bathroom is pretty fancy, but I’ve heard that butlers will enjoy bubble baths in their spare time.

ts4_x64-2016-12-05-20-05-47-95Here’s the floor plan for the ground floor  (Hall, dining, kitchen, parlor, and solarium)ts4_x64-2016-12-05-19-59-00-29-copy Floor Plan for the basement (Butler’s and Children’s suites)


And floor plan for the master suite on the second floor (with an unused bonus room/storage area).  There is also an attic but because of the steep roof, there are no usable walls so I wouldn’t want to play a sim in that area for blogging.


Here’s the house in daylight.  I wanted to upload it CC-Free, so to get the look of snow in the nighttime pictures I painted the ground with sand.


Here’s some shots of the chateau from the surrounding area

ts4_x64-2016-12-05-20-15-50-41 ts4_x64-2016-12-05-20-16-37-92 ts4_x64-2016-12-05-20-18-29-57

If you would like to download this lot, it is available in the Sims 4 Gallery.  I used most of the currently available packs, including the free holiday stuff pack.

My Origin ID is ShannonSimsFan and the lot is called Joyeux Noel.

Also, CathyTea has begun to write a beautiful story about a family coming home for the holidays, which is set in this house.  You can read the first chapter of Coming Home on her blog!


10 Comments so far:

    • Thanks for commenting! My original impetus for building a holiday themed house was much simpler. I might still build a less luxurious one, but with the Butler coming out today I decided to build something worthy of a dedicated professional domestic engineer, and I also plan to trade out some of the items for the new 20’s items and re-upload.

  1. cathytea says:

    It’s lovely ! Inspires me to write a short story just for the holidays !

  2. Carla says:

    Beautiful! Really got me in a festive mood. 🙂 Do you have any plans for this lot in your hood?

    • Thanks, Carla. Plans for this lot- no, I don’t really have any. I just felt inspired to build something Christmas-y and thought I’d share it on the gallery in case anyone wanted rooms or a lot with that theme.

  3. maisie says:

    Ahhh! This is SO gorgeous! I want to use all your lots in my hood! I love that you shared the floorplan, it looks like the great type of lot to lay down when it’s the holidays in the game, and take guests too! Or to put in a vacation hood for those that travel for holiday! So many ideas! It’s really lovely, I hope that we get to see it in use with your sims.

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