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Open House: Grande Spa Granite Falls

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Open House: Grande Spa Granite Falls

Serena, my new Spa Day sim, was having a stressful time at her medical career, and I had just built a spa that needed testing.

TS4 2015-07-19 15-10-27-57

So, Congratulations, Serena, you are the winner of a two days, two nights all-expense paid trip to Granite Falls, to the Grande Spa.

TS4 2015-07-19 15-01-28-21

Serena: “I’m a little busy right now, being a beacon to the community, but it sounds great!”

The next day, Serena slept in a little, and then took the short walk from her cabin to the spa.   It has been said in the media, that some sims will object to the fact that the spa blocks the view from the campground, but the people who plan to go to the spa regularly don’t understand that complaint at all.

TS4 2015-07-19 15-35-44-83

After all, the architects made a serious effort to help the spa blend with the natural environment…. there is wood, and stone on the facade.  Plus, the circle zen spa logo is so reflective of nature, and so ubiquitous throughout the spa.

TS4 2015-07-19 15-36-51-56

Upon arriving, Serena got a welcome massage.    I’m not sure if that’s very relaxing.  At the moment, it looks painful!

TS4 2015-07-19 15-44-48-98

Those fizzy welcome drinks are quite popular.

TS4 2015-07-19 15-56-40-37

But after the foot massage, she felt very relaxed and happy.

TS4 2015-07-19 15-46-06-90

Next, she wandered upstairs, wondering, what was up there?

TS4 2015-07-19 15-47-32-80

The spa gift shop!

TS4 2015-07-19 15-48-07-25

“Hmm, I wonder why all these are here; I don’t seem to be able to buy them.”

TS4 2015-07-19 15-55-21-43

“I think I’ll try one of those fizzy welcome drinks now.”

TS4 2015-07-19 16-56-02-73

Serena: “By the way, I think you should put some clothes on the mannequin.”


TS4 2015-07-19 16-57-30-87

And now, for the welcome hand massage.

TS4 2015-07-19 15-53-51-87

After exploring the lobby and getting her welcome drink and massages, Serena wanders down to the pool.

TS4 2015-07-19 15-58-54-38

TS4 2015-07-19 16-00-08-42

There is also a sauna between the steps that lead down to the pool, and the stairs that lead up to the bistro deck.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-01-53-46

Serena checks out the lobby restroom before her next adventure.  Very Zen.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-03-49-78

TS4 2015-07-19 16-04-27-32

She heads towards the ground floor locker rooms, to change into a robe.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-07-23-08

Just in case you forgot you were at the spa, here’s another Zen circle to remind you.

Oops, Serena, this is the men’s locker room!  How did that happen?! I put the “Boys Only” door there!   I thought the arrows should face in, but they are supposed to face out.  Well, while I fix the doors, so you can get out, why don’t you check out the men’s only mud bath area?

TS4 2015-07-19 16-08-23-18

Serena: “So this is what the men’s locker room looks like.”

TS4 2015-07-19 16-23-34-42

The men’s mud bath room.

I think we got you out of there without anyone being alarmed.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-14-26-34

Ok, this way to the women’s locker room.  It’s behind the slats, for extra privacy.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-22-54-34


TS4 2015-07-19 16-13-32-20

It looks like Serena changed her mind, and decided to do some yoga or meditation before changing into a robe and getting a massage.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-13-10-60

If you were going to get a massage, you’d go through those double doors into the massage suite.  Going upstairs takes you to the yoga studio.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-14-46-20

Here’s my favorite massage room, which is to the right of the main massage suite.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-15-02-38

But Serena’s heading out to the mediation garden instead.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-15-30-36

TS4 2015-07-19 16-16-57-96

TS4 2015-07-19 16-45-19-32

While Serena’s meditating, I’ll give you a tour.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-18-56-55

The yoga room, on the second floor, overlooks the meditation garden and campground on one side, and the lake on the other.   Classes are available every hour.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-20-33-69

On the first floor, the massage area overlooks the meditation garden on one side, and lake on the other.  To me, this is one of the most serene spots in the whole spa, where you wait to get a massage.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-20-49-42

The massage area has five massage stations, with some more private than others.  The one through the doorway is designed for friends to get massages together.  There is also one massage station downstairs.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-21-04-39

Let’s check on Serena– she’s getting really deep into her meditation.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-22-07-72

I think she’s going to be meditating for a while.  Meanwhile, I’ll show you the layout.  Because as a simmer, I live for layouts… but if you don’t, I’ll never know if you just mouse past these four pictures!

TS4 2015-07-19 16-05-29-96

Basement with in-pool-view private hot tub party room, in-pool-view sauna, and women’s and men’s locker rooms. The women’s locker room (teal) contains a gorgeous women’s only mud bath room created by TheOakSpade on the Gallery.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-05-17-62

The ground floor. (Contains reception, pool, meditation garden, locker room suite including men’s mud bath area, and massage suite.)

TS4 2015-07-19 16-05-46-68

The Second Floor, which contains the gift shop, breezeway between reception, workout room, and yoga studio, and the balcony bistro with gorgeous lake views.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-06-16-96

Aerial view.

While Serena’s still meditating, I’ll show you the pool and adjacent areas, which I’m quite happy about.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-24-38-06

This seems like a really fun room for friends to hang out in, in the hot tub.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-25-25-40

And they can watch people swim by.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-27-45-19

Next door is the basement sauna

TS4 2015-07-19 16-25-49-78

Which also has a pool view

TS4 2015-07-19 16-26-28-57

TS4 2015-07-19 16-26-46-28

While we are in the basement, I’ll show you the men’s locker room, since I’ve fixed the doors and Serena won’t be able to.

You just exit the sauna and go across the hallway to the locker rooms.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-28-22-25

More Zen circles. You can’t have enough of those.

Basement men’s locker room

TS4 2015-07-19 16-33-56-57

As with all the locker rooms, shower rooms are individual, very deluxe.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-33-44-19

Serena’s finished meditating for now.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-52-23-24

She’s ready to do some yoga, and a Mind-Centering class is beginning.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-54-03-82

That guy in the hoodie really needs a shower!

TS4 2015-07-19 17-00-44-82

TS4 2015-07-19 17-02-13-54

Thank goodness, he finally decided to leave!


TS4 2015-07-19 17-04-04-36

TS4 2015-07-19 17-05-04-50

I love the lake view. I designed the whole spa to take advantage of it from the yoga studio, bistro, and two of the massage stations.

TS4 2015-07-19 17-05-24-73

TS4 2015-07-19 17-06-38-94

Class is over, and Serena heads to the gym to get a yogurt.

TS4 2015-07-19 17-07-14-75

TS4 2015-07-19 17-07-33-96

And enjoys it under the stars on the bistro balcony.

TS4 2015-07-19 17-08-43-53

Next she heads to the basement locker room.  I wonder what she’s thinking to do next?

TS4 2015-07-19 17-10-53-60

Watching the fish is very relaxing.

TS4 2015-07-19 17-11-14-37

She changes into a robe

TS4 2015-07-19 17-11-56-49

Is she going to the massage room?

TS4 2015-07-19 17-12-38-99

Nope; she’s going to the sauna upstairs.  (For some reason, saunas don’t work in the basement right now.  I hope they fix that.)

TS4 2015-07-19 17-14-41-59


TS4 2015-07-19 17-16-35-72

Oops, Serena stayed in the sauna a little too long, now she’s gotta get back to the bathroom, quick!

TS4 2015-07-19 17-17-53-28

That’s better.

TS4 2015-07-19 17-18-52-11

Let’s try out the mud bath.

TS4 2015-07-19 17-19-11-33

I downloaded this mud bath room from the Gallery. It was created by TheOakSpade.

TS4 2015-07-19 17-19-52-77


TS4 2015-07-19 17-21-12-95

Look at that bright green plumbbob.

Good thing the showers are nearby.  Serena got cleaned up, and went to her cabin for the night.

TS4 2015-07-19 16-29-57-26

TS4 2015-07-19 16-31-02-07

The next morning, Serena came back to get a massage.  She had breakfast on the patio overlooking the lake and mountains.

TS4 2015-07-21 07-49-21-50

But the rarefied air of the spa patio was not any protection against the bugs that were so pervasive throughout the campground.  Serena tried to shoo them away.

TS4 2015-07-21 07-50-13-11

It was finally time for her first massage appointment.   She relaxed and waited to get the Swedish Massage.

TS4 2015-07-21 07-57-04-04

TS4 2015-07-21 07-57-17-55

Immediately following that massage, she got the hot stone massage.

TS4 2015-07-21 08-01-30-31

Aaah, that’s better.

TS4 2015-07-21 08-03-05-31

TS4 2015-07-21 08-04-07-81

My EA Origin ID is ShannonSimsFan and this spa is available for download on the Gallery. #nocc #simdalesims #spa  Click on the image above to be linked to the spa on the Gallery.




11 Comments so far:

  1. keva1986 says:

    I love this spa! Especially the meditation garden out back. That’s a really clever idea! I like the colors and the fountain in the front. Nice job! 🙂

  2. raerei says:

    This is positivly gorgeous!! I would kill to visit it myself. It looks perfectly relaxing.

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    It’s beautiful! And it looks like the clothes and hair that come with the set are awesome too. I just love the yoga animations.

    When you go camping, does it freeze time the way travel is in Sims 3?

    Is a separate masseuse created for each of the five massage tables?

    What exactly happened to Serena when she stayed in the sauna too long?

  4. Thank, Keva, and raerei, and Susan! Wouldn’t that be terrific to be able to go to these places we make??

    Susan,time keeps going uniformly whether you are in Granite Falls or a home neighborhood. Sims can stay home and work while others go on vacation. A masseuse is created for each massage table so that’s a consideration when you are building.

    And Serena’s bladder need just fell really low while she was in there, and she had to do the silly “Need to Pee” walk all the way to the bathroom. I had a mod by Shimrod to disable weird walkstyles, but after the addition of pools it wasn’t functional anymore (at least that’s my understanding.) There’s a note on his page at Mod the Sims saying he knew there was an issue but he enjoyed everyone finding their sims doing a “Jesus” and walking on water after the addition of pools. But a sim can die in the sauna if they stay too long, I’ve read.

    Thanks for reading, you guys!!

  5. Just saw on mods of the week at Sims VIP that there is a brand new mod to disable some of the walkstyles. It’s at

  6. Carla says:

    Very cool! You did a great job on this lot! Is the yoga class led by an NPC teacher? That’s a pretty cool idea. I think there’s a mod for that in TS2 but I haven’t yet tried it.

    Cool to see they added the mud baths again – I remember we had those in TS1. Maybe in Superstar? We have a massage table and a sauna in TS2 but I would love to have the mud baths back too.

    • Thanks Carla! Yes, the yoga class is led by an NPC and it works quite well in-game. The library also has an NPC now, putting away books, which I figure was part of the July 9th update for all games. They appear to be adding general features like that to the base game, before adding specific versions like the masseuses and yoga instructors, in a game pack or EP.

      Anyway, funny, I had totally forgotten about mud baths in TS1! I don’t think I played Superstar much at all though, because I got Sims 2 so soon afterwards. The Bon Voyage massage table and sauna are both really great in Sims 2, too. And yoga was always one of my favorite things in Sims 2, maybe because it is such a great way for elders to stay in shape, such a good lifelong skill.

  7. maisie says:

    Oh wow Shannon! This is totally amazing! It makes me want to go to a spa badly. You have tons of great details here, and the color scheme is very zen. How neat that there are NPC’s to put away books and lead yoga classes! I love that idea, I just use a townie for it or Hazel Woodfolk, just so the classes don’t look odd. The mud baths are great too, I had forgotten about those being in TS1 until seeing them here. I loved the Superstar pack, the music was so catchy.

    • You write such uplifting comments, thanks! The yoga classes function quite smoothly and it does add a lot to the game, I think. The first Sims 2 yoga teacher I remember was Laura’s Corbin Gray; he was such a heartthrob 😉 I looked up the Superstar music because I couldn’t remember it– so fun, with that fast beat & disco.

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