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Open House: The Delaney (Modern Split Floor Plan)

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Open House: The Delaney (Modern Split Floor Plan)

Front View:
Back View:

Back Patio Close-Up:
Floor Plan:  (Left to Right; Jack & Jill bath between two bedrooms; Living Room, Foyer, Kitchen, and Master Suite with Private Patio)
Living:  (Currently there’s only a chess table because the house is for newlyweds who don’t have much furniture yet.)
Living room view towards the back of the house:

Living room looking from two bedrooms into the kitchen:

Master Bedroom:

Master Patio:

Master Bath:
Children’s Bedroom:

Jack & Jill bath:

Third bedroom:  (Currently set up as a study)

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  1. Carla says:

    Yay, I can comment again! I really love the house – such interesting shapes on the roof. Almost makes me want to learn how to do a decent roof, lol. The study is amazing – love those walls. What is the table and the thing on the wall on the master patio?

    • Hi Carla, so glad you let me know about the comments issue, and I wasn't happy with it anyway, glad to change it back.

      I copied a design I saw online for the roofs and exterior, pretty closely, in an attempt to match the style of other houses in the neighborhood. The table on the master patio is the woodworking table; it was part of Delaney's nerd brain aspiration goals, and might be part of her new renaissance sim aspiration, not sure. The wall gadget is the new sprinkler system item that has to be placed if you want help with extinguishing fires. It is my understanding it needs to be placed on the exterior of each level of the house.

      Thanks for commenting, take care!

    • Oh, Carla, I should probably add, that woodworking is part of handiness in Sims 4. Delaney has the very cool ability now to instantly upgrade one item a day in the house, with all the available upgrades. Sweet! She hasn't made very many items on the woodworking table yet, though. Basically some barstools and some little sculptures.

  2. retromaisie says:

    This house is amazing! Great work, especially on the exterior, *drool* absolutely awesome! I love the patio and wondered about the woodworking bench too, reminds me of Sims Freeplay sort of, which is great that it's in TS4. Looks like there is much more to do in this game. The study is great and I loved peek of Alexander in there. That desk and wall cabinetry is really great, looking forward to these two getting married and having a baby to fill the house up. You roll for the personality correct? So they could have a mean little kiddo right? Or do you take parent personality into play? I can't quite remember.

  3. Thank you, Maisie, like I said I basically tried to imitate a design I found online (at so I can't take credit for imagining the exterior, only trying to recreate it.

    The woodworking bench is just like the one in Sims Freeplay! You know, I'm not crazy about the new walk styles, in general, but they are also pulled out of Sims Freeplay. I think it gives the designers a place to try some things out or develop them to be used in Sims 4. I think they must make a ton of money on Sims Freeplay, the way it works with using real time and having time-limited goals.

    I have moved a little away from rolling for personalities, because I kept rolling the same thing and part of the purpose of this legacy was to explore the game. So I'll probably choose at least some of the traits and aspirations for the next generation. They could have a mean kid, though 🙂 There is mean, and then there's evil. I haven't had a sim be both before although Cassandra with her snob trait seemed pretty mean to me a lot of the time.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. retromaisie says:

    Oh yes, I bet they make a pretty penny on freeplay. I haven't played in sometime but I have a few in the household that keep me up to date. The real time play is a chore for me. Good to know that you won't just be rolling, I'm excited to see more traits at play! And yes the snob trait does seem mean too.

    • I tried Freeplay soon after it came out and tried it again last Christmas; I was pretty blown away by the graphics and ability to build, for a Kindle game/ android game. But although it was engaging, somewhat, it did end up being a chore, so I stopped. Eventually the game sort of forces you into having a lot of sims, or else it would be manageable, even with the real time. I didn't like feeling that I had to check in on them at certain intervals and couldn't be happy just letting them languish for days or weeks at a time, ha.

  5. Echo Weaver says:

    You really are an inspired builder. The decorating in the house is bold, too, which I really like. But it's not bold-random either. Everything looks like it fits an overall theme.

  6. ivanasims says:

    The house is exquisite! I love it. And you chose some very nice furniture too. My favourite is the kitchen and my guess is that you had to use some cc to decorate it. Great job! 🙂

    • Ivana, thanks so much! Actually, the house is all vanilla Sims game, no cc. I’ve been really pleased with the game’s items, I haven’t even missed custom content for building and decorating, which I used extensively in Sims 2.

  7. I like the house layout. I love the bathroom set up and color schemes. The mast bedroom color scheme looks rather… hispanic. to me. but over all it’s a very nice house. The study room looks very graphical and nerdy lol. just for him. I like it.

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