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Open House: Cacey’s Victorian

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Open House: Cacey’s Victorian

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While I’m busy scurrying behind the scenes to get everything ready for their reunion with Delaney’s family, I thought I’d share the tour of the new home I built for Cacey.Cacey is fourteen days older than Delaney, so it is time for Cacey to age to elder, and the triplets are about four days older than Ewan, so they will be young adults soon after being reunited with Delaney’s family.  Time moved a little differently in the Wolff Legacy, and the triplets are still kids, so I have some catching up to do. before they are officially back in town.
So, here’s a tour of Cacey’s rambling, Victorian-style home.
This is the side view of the house, that faces the river.
And this is the back, that faces the canal.

I love how the large veranda turned out!
There’s lots of room for all the family’s outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.  This blue door is a side kitchen door.


And there are lots of views of the river.
To the front door!
When you enter the house, this is what you see.   The entry hall connects straight through to the kitchen,




and to the right is the hall bath and a library, which is located in the room that juts out onto the veranda.
The formal sitting area is just off the entry way.  Cacey hopes to encourage Dashle’s love of music with the use of a piano at home.
Here’s the little library.
The formal dining area, which has lots of light and views of the beautiful outdoors that Gavin adores.
and, one of my favorite rooms, the kitchen.  Cacey is a foodie, and a family with three boys does a lot of eating!  The door on the right leads to the veranda, and the door on the left leads to the garden.
With doors also to the entry, dining, and basement, this kitchen truly is the heart of the home.
The basement access is through the arch next to the tea area,
Since Cacey is a high level spy, I thought that teaching geography to her kids would be a priority.
Cacey!  I’ve missed you!


The basement gives the family a lot of extra room for being together and entertaining, as well as shelving for collections.



The whole length of the main room:
The kitchennette
Gavin’s desk area, with family photos!  The white door leads to the basement bath.   I am so excited that I can place doors under staircases, and they work!
 The brown built-in bookcase is Cacey’s Secret, Secret Agent room door.


The basement bath, view looking out from the shower/bath combo:
And Cacey’s secret room
Upstairs there is a beautiful hallway with lots of natural light from the back of the house.  The door to the left goes to the master bedroom and bathroom
The other side of the hallway leads to the hall bath, and the two bedrooms for Dashle, Dennis, and Darryl.  And there’s Dennis, the middle triplet– but we’ll pretend he isn’t there, since Dennis is actually about 18 by now!  I love the window looking out the front of the house in the upstairs hall, too.
As is typical of old houses, the upstairs hall bath was big enough to have been a small bedroom.  It’s a good thing, with three boys sharing it!
A TV in the toilet area helps encourage multi-tasking.
Dashle, the eldest, has his own room because he is the more neat, introverted, and particular of the three.  I’ll individualize it more as he gets his teen and young adult traits, soon.


 Dennis, the middle triplet, and Darryl, the youngest, share a room.  They both love the outdoors and are extroverted and active, so they don’t use the room except to sleep, usually.



The master bedroom is very spacious:  (Gavin and Cacey are sleeping in, tired from their move)
With a closet area next to the bath entry


And the master bath is my favorite bathroom, even though it is small, because of it’s elegant old-fashioned look.
Heading back downstairs, let’s look at Gavin’s garden and pool area.  The kitchen opens into the garden.


 View of the back garden and pool, from the back porch
Gavin’s already planted some tomatoes and herbs.


And then he enjoys a dip in the pool.
After Gavin’s plants and trees grow a while, the garden will be much more lush.
For now it looks a little bit sparse.
I love the umbrella tables, but I’m looking forward to having recliners for the pool, too, eventually.



It’s so great for Gavin to be able to go fishing without having to travel!

Floor Plans:

The basement.  Pretend the photo studio isn’t even there– it was just for getting  portraits for the wall.  It isn’t an official part of the house :-).
Ground Floor
Second Floor:



View of Roof
Cacey moved into that old bunker-style house in Oasis Springs way back when she was at level two in the Spy career.  Since then, she’s made it almost to Diamond Agent, and has a big family with triplet sons.  So I thought it was time for she and Gavin to upgrade.   Plus, it gave me a good excuse to build!
Thanks for looking!  I uploaded it to the Gallery.  My Origin ID is ShannonSimsFan.

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  1. retromaisie says:

    This is amazing! I am smitten with that porch, and the view of the canal <3 and that kitchen is really fabulous. I liked all the personality in the bedrooms, and I'm looking forward to getting to the kids better. I'm excited they are coming back home, and just in time for young adulthood and romances! Though I'm in denial that Cacey and Delaney are knocking on elder's front door! Their home is just great, very posh, but still comfortable. I like it all very much!

    • Me too, I don't ever want to let Cacey or Delaney go! Delaney's got 14 days till elder, at least. It's kind of nice that I have to play Cacey's family for a couple week's sim time just to catch them up to everyone else.

  2. Carla says:

    Well, there's exposed brick, so it goes without saying that I totally love it. 😉 The formal dining room is just so beautiful – really elegant! Lucky sims, once again.

    Question: how much CC do you use in your game? Is this all EA stuff you're using or is there some CC mixed in as well?

    • He he, yes, I learned about exposed brick from reading other sims 2 blogs and seeing it on yours! I am not using any CC right now. This is all EA. The main temptation to me is floor and wall colors, because the game is a little limited right now, but overall I'm really content without CC for now and it makes maintaining the game so easy.

  3. cathytea says:

    Oh! I love it! I’m trying to think of who I have who can move into this… oh! Maybe Cathy Tea and SimJim will! There might be changes (or might not be) coming to the world they’re in, so if there ARE, then I think a move into this house in that new Magnolia neighborhood would be peachy! 🙂

  4. Oh, that would be amazing to be able to see it in your sims’ world!

  5. moondansr says:

    You build amazing houses. This is beautiful!

  6. OMG! Beyond GORGEOUS. The way the front of the house looks is Amazing!! I love it!! That’s a really nice build. I haven’t seen anything like it, seriously.

  7. Thank you so much, you guys are so encouraging!! Thanks for the comments!

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