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Daniel Ono

Birthdate:  April 1, 561

Daniel Ono is married to Sayuri Ono and they have two children, Seiki, and Yuki, who are 9 years apart.  They live in the garden district of Simdale Valley.

Daniel is a very outgoing, impulsive guy, who can be very charming, especially in romantic settings, but can become aggravated pretty easily when he doesn’t get his way.  He loves hanging out with friends, partying, and meeting new people.  As a dad, he is very permissive and sees his children as friends.  In his marriage, Daniel has been technically faithful although he is well known as a flirt. In the small town of Simdale Valley there is speculation over whether his charm and good chemistry with his wife will be able to keep the relationship off the rocks.

Daniel is a spokesperson for a prominent video game company that has too many hit game titles to count, and the company is hoping his outgoing, fun personality will help smooth public outcry over the lack of important features in the latest iteration of their flagship game.

Daniel’s Sims 2 Profile

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  1. maisie says:

    The Ono family patriarch! So excited to see the TS4 version of Daniel. I do hope that him and Sayuri can refresh their marriage, and make it. I still remember their TS2 family vacation with all the cute family photos. I find his personality a fun one, it is complicated, and he definitely has his faults and strengths.

    • It’s great to hear from your perspective– Taurus with pleasure aspiration does make for a complex sim. It’s interesting that Sims 4 Dr. Ono still seems to kind of melt around Daniel and he is always such an attentive and romantic husband. Thanks so much for commenting!

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