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Sims 2: Mods That Make The Game

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Two Jeffs’ Autonomous Casual Romance ACR 2.0
Sometimes a love-hate relationship (I admit I rely heavily on Friend Zone depending on personality and aspiration), but to me the game isn’t the same without Sims autonomously acting on their attraction.  It simulates hormones and all that part of the human experience so well!  One of my “one day” to do items is to play with the BCON and make some of the settings a little milder for some aspirations, but if I do, I’ll end up missing the madness too.  It is good for me to NOT always control my sims!

Cyjon, various mods



silent pregnancy
back to school
risky sneak out/run away

Various Character File Limit Mods

Lion Unitest

Mog, Selected Mods

Phaenoh’s Summer Vacation Winter’s Day (Currently removed due to potential conflict with Simlogical School)

Real Sickness

Labor of Love Posebox, by rugrat01


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