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Traits, Aspiration, Career, and Skill information for the Sims of Take Me to the Moon Family Story


How I Decide on Traits & Aspirations:

Even though I’m not playing an official legacy, part of my goal in playing the Tesla family for 10 generations is to experience different aspects of the game.

I’ve been trying to find a balance between randomization and choosing traits, that forces me to play combinations I wouldn’t think of, or even choose, but also allows me to have some say in my sims’ traits.  I found that when all the traits are randomized, with no choice, I become too frustrated with it and don’t enjoy the game.

Susan, also known as Echoweaver, writes Sample, A Brave Legacy, and when I heard about how she decides traits, I decided to adopt a similar system.

  1.  I use Create a Random Sim to randomize Child Trait and Aspiration sometimes between conception and birth, then sometime in childhood, I use the randomizer for the Teen Trait and Teen/Adult Aspiration, and Adult trait.  To me, it makes sense to know where my sims are headed, personality-wise, so I don’t wait till birthdays to roll for traits and aspirations.  Toddler Trait Generator here.
  2.  I’m not required to accept a trait I’ve already played in the Tesla family; I can re-roll.
  3.  For the adult trait, I can play the rolled trait or choose one to round out the character, instead.

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