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Tesla Family Tree

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View the whole interactive tree on Family Echo (At the site, you can click on a sim to see just their segment, or click on ancestors to see the whole tree below them.  Try it, it’s fun!)

Maddi’s Descendants (through Gen 7)

(This part is too large to read the labels clearly without going to the Family Echo page)


Goth Family Segment

Delaney Tesla married Alexander Goth.  The only Goth descendants are through the Tesla line.

Arias Family Segment

Ryleigh Arias was Delaney Tesla’s best friend. Her daughter, Rachel, and Eric Tesla, married, joining their family trees.

Tesla & Arias Segment
Alyse’s Tree
Bjorn TuRok’s Line

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  1. Lacie- Rainy says:

    I like how you did the family tree. When you link to Family Echo can people change it? Mine doesn't have pictures I didn't know how back then.

  2. Very cool, I love seeing the family trees!

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