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Gordon Nott

Birthdate:  May 4, 586

Gordon Nott is, underneath an aloof exterior,  a cheerful, hopeless romantic who loves music and being surrounded by family.  His sign is Aquarius, and he is easy-going, kind-hearted, and can be spontaneous.  Friends sometimes are surprised by his stubbornness, once he finds something that matters to him.

Gordon pledged Phi Beta Sigma fraternity at PSU, and his determination, creativity, and planning helped he and Seiki Ono make the cut as freshmen.  At that point, he and Seiki became best friends.  However, Gordon’s kind-hearted nature had a difficult time with the careless way Seiki treated Hattie Granger.  Plus, he was starting to fall for Hattie, himself, but what Gordon wanted out of a relationship was entirely different than the casual flings Seiki enjoyed.   In May 605, Gordon asked Hattie out and they had a great first date.

Gordon is majoring in Literature at PSU and is thinking of becoming a teacher.

Gordon’s Sims 2 profile

Nott Gordon profile


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  1. maisie says:

    Gordon looks great in his TS4 creation, and I love that he has this soft-center, romantic, and kind. He seems so opposite of Seiki, that I wonder how they became friends. But when you are young, and in a fraternity, it makes sense that you bond where you can! Him and Hattie were super cute together at Kyra’s Bakery. <3

    • I totally agree that he and Seiki just don’t seem like they’d be friends, and I think they might part ways. Seiki is going to transfer to Fiesta Tech, anyway, and Gordon will still be at PSU, majoring in Lit to be a teacher. I think he and Hattie are very cute together, and he was, in his Sims 2 iterations in my game as well, a great family sim.

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