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No Two Snowflakes

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No Two Snowflakes

January 604
Narrated by Simone Endeavor

This is the first update/Next Birthday Post/Next update
“I love you because no two snowflakes are alike, and it is possible, if you stand tippy-toe, to walk between the raindrops. ”
That quote describes how I feel about my family.  My little Sienna is her own special person, so distinct and unique from George and I, and we are distinct from my parents, but altogether, we stretch to walk, maybe to dance, between the raindrops.


One cold night in early in January, George was working on his latest project, and Sienna was softly breathing next to me, and I was thinking.  Usually I’m all about playing and being with people, but I was thinking.

At our New Year’s party, my sister-in-law, Laney, had told me the happy news.  “I’m pregnant!”  So Sienna was going to have a baby cousin and I would have a new niece or nephew.
I was excited for her, she’s been planning to have a second baby for over two years, since Charlotte was not even a year old.
We had a fun party, a great start to a new year.  Early on there were several people George and Chloe know from work.

Laney’s sister, Naomi, was there,  James and Elise were there too.  James has been George’s best friend since they were able to walk, practically.

Dad was trying to teach Sienna to play chopsticks with him.  He always wanted a guitar when I was growing up, but with work and kids, he kept putting it off.  This Christmas, he decided to get Sienna a piano, and he’s been playing it a lot ever since.


I’m amazed he got her to sit with him for any length of time!  But she does love her granddad.
At midnight, all the couples shared their New Year’s kisses.  I hoped Naomi and Chelsea didn’t feel too left out, I know she has a boyfriend she sees sometimes, but he’s out of state.  I don’t know Chelsea well yet, even though she’s our neighbor, but I never see her with a special someone.
  The morning after the party we woke to a beautiful, fresh snowfall.
When I went in the kitchen, Mom was making pancakes and dad was doing what dad most often does…playing with Sienna.  For so long, he worked and gave up so much in hope of joining the team of astronauts based from Fort Strange, where we grew up.  But finally, after Sienna was born, he decided to hang up that dream and stay home with her.
It’s been really nice having mom and dad to help, because Sienna is a very active, very determined, and very busy child.  She knows what she wants, and how she wants to do it, and has the energy to do whatever her mind thinks up.   It really takes all four of us adults to keep up with her.


And I don’t have to worry that her needs aren’t being met.  If it was just George and I, I think I would feel torn between meeting all the different demands of being a mom, wife, and having my own wants and needs.

But mom and dad are great with her.  When Dad got the piano, he also got a xylophone so Sienna could play “duets” with him.   I can’t imagine leaving Sienna with anyone else, but with dad there I feel happy about getting out to work some.

I’m the manager of the swim and lifeguard programs at the Simdale YMCA, and the Simdale Community Pool.


On January 2, I was thinking with the deep snow, we might not open at all.  But at noon we made the decision to go ahead and open from 3 to 7, since so many people were still on holiday and it gives a great place to get exercise and socialize during a heavy snow.
Everyone in Simdale Valley mainly gets around by walking anyway, so snow doesn’t impact getting around too much.  However, I expected it to be slow so I gave our teen lifeguards the day off, and covered it myself.

Nathan Gavigan, our town’s terrific nurse, brought his eight year old son, Isaiah, and James and Elise’s little four year old, Harrison, to play at the pool.

It was funny watching Isaiah, who was very considerate to be “it” first, since he’s older, enjoy the warm water while Harrison tried to cheat by tip toeing around the outside of the pool, and realized it was really cold!


Both boys played together really well and the time went by quickly watching them.
As I was closing up, it began to snow again.  By the time I got home, I was looking forward to being in the warm, cosy house, with George and Sienna.
Mom and dad were with Sienna, so George and I stole some time upstairs.  Then he had to work on some issues he’s been having with the final stages of the new school project, and I bathed Sienna.

While he was up working, I snuggled with Sienna.  And thought about what I really want.  I’ve always looked up to Laney, but our family is different from hers, and I’m not ready for more kids yet.  It’s funny, sometimes I think about adopting one day, but I haven’t had any desire to have another child yet.  Our family is perfect how it is, and I am just enjoying it.



George and I have our work, our home, and our family, and we like it the way it is.

The Endeavor family home at #1 Endeavor Lane

George and Simone are 31, Sienna is 3 1/2, Jackson McElveen is 67, and Chloe McElveen is 65.

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  1. retromaisie says:

    This family is really sweet, I especially enjoyed all the snuggling photos, I do that with my littlest one nearly daily. She's the only one that likes to snuggle like that. Having her parents available for Sienna, really makes it easier for them to work and not have guilt over it. Sienna looks very spoiled, and a new cousin to play with will be fun in a few years. I really like your YMCA, and her red swimsuit is perfect for her job.

    Isaiah is a cutie, I liked seeing the pool have some kids in there and enjoying themselves on a snow day. Your exterior shot of the Y with the snow falling, very pretty! Makes me want to have some cocoa. 🙂 I also really like their home, interior and exterior.

  2. Thanks Maisie, and I'm glad you found me at the new site. I loved snuggling with my girls when they were little. Right now it is very idyllic for this family, which is nice. I downloaded the home (and the green clapboard is from the original designer), probably from mod the sims, but I completely gutted the inside and rebuilt it, and added an extension on the back so it would be big enough for an extended family.

  3. Apple Valley says:

    So sweet, I adore the snuggle photos as well. They seem so happy

  4. Thanks, Starr! They are definitely a happy family, everyone's always autonomously playing and talking and hugging! Thanks for reading!

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