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News from Pleasantview: Going Awry

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News from Pleasantview: Going Awry

Round 5

Dustin and Angela had plans.  Best laid plans.

They had dated through high school and college.  They were the couple who were going to get good jobs, buy a house with a picket fence in Pleasantview and a dog, and have the family everybody wanted to be.   In high school, when he was helping pay the bills, diapering his little brothers, and trying to pass classes, she was his lifeline, but in college, he branched out on his own. He was busy being Big Man on Campus and making Dean’s List, and she was busy with her sorority.  Sure, Angela rarely saw Dustin during college, but they were happy that way.

After graduating with honors from Sim State, she applied to graduate school in counseling and moved in with Lillith, who was pursuing an acting career in the big city of Port Pleasant.

Their loft apartment was tiny.  Angela’s bed was a pull-down in the loft, so she had no privacy.  But it was just temporary, until Dustin got a promotion, she graduated and got a job as a family counselor, and they could buy that house together.

Lillith was dating a guy named Bill Wade.  Fortunately for Angela, they spent a lot of time out on the town, mostly making out in photo booths.  His greatest asset, as far as Angela could tell, was that he loved to be around Lillith, loved to listen to Lillith, and loved to make out with Lillith.

It was all pretty disgusting.  Sometimes, when Bill Wade and Lillith were there and she was caught up on school work, Angela would escape to the community garden for some peace and quiet.

Meanwhile, Dustin got a rent-controlled apartment in public housing nearby, and a job in the mailroom of a large corporation, waiting for his chance to apply for a high end sales job.

 “Let’s go to Twikki,” Angela proposed one day in the spring.  She knew Dustin really didn’t want to take time off, but she figured maybe the balmy air and drinks in coconuts would put him in a mood to propose engagement.  She was ready to take that step, and she knew if he could take his focus off of work for a few days, he would be too.  After all, that was the unspoken plan.

Angela asked her dad for the tickets and arranged the trip.  He was happy to pay, to help mitigate his guilt over leaving her mother for Kaylynn Langerak.

But the time in Twikki was disappointing.  Dustin spent most of his time eating in the restaurant or sleeping.  They didn’t take any walks on the beach, or swim together, or kiss at ancient ruins. Except one night, a brief romantic interlude.

When Angela returned home, Lillith was cleaning the stove.  There had been a fire while she was at work, and the fire rescue had to get the landlord to open the apartment and put it out.

Not feeling well, Angela thought an intense cardio workout might help the stress, and went downstairs to the common workout room, but soon she had to jump off the bike and nearly fell over with intense nausea.

That night as Brittney Upsnott and some of the other sorority girls visited, and chatted about Lillith’s new job, Angela was lost in thought.  She was on birth control, so she couldn’t be pregnant, could she?

Soon, she called Dustin over for a talk.  She told him she thought she might be pregnant.  At first, he seemed ok with it.

But then he abruptly left without a word.

As time went on, it became clear that Dustin was not interested in talking about the situation, or taking responsibility for what to do.

One Sunday morning over pancakes, Angela decided the subject must be breached.

“I know you are focused on promotions right now,” she said, “but this is urgent too.”

“It’s time to grow up, Dustin,” she appealed.

“Grow up!” he retorted angrily, “What do you know about growing up?!”

“I had to take a shady job to keep a roof over my head as a kid,” he said.

“Now you want me to jump right back into the same kind of trap?!”

“We don’t have to be trapped in a life of crime,” she said.  “We can still reach our goals, make enough money.”

“This is real life,” she pleaded.  “Everything doesn’t always go as planned.”

Months passed, her baby grew, and Angela was still living in her sister’s apartment, and every day it seemed like she and Dustin were falling further apart.

When she visited Dustin at his place, he seemed to tolerate her.  She stopped visiting.

One night, Angela accepted an invitation to her mom’s house for dinner, with her mom and her mom’s new friend.  Ricky was Angela’s age, and as far as Angela and Lillith could tell, he was staying with Mary-Sue.  Angela was surprised, but she and Ricky couldn’t stop talking to each other after dinner.  It was so nice to have someone who wanted to talk, who wanted to listen, for a change.

The next day, Mary-Sue was at work, and Ricky invited Angela over to chat again.  They hung out.  When Angela got ready to leave, Ricky kissed her.  And she kissed him back.

Gameplay Notes:

It seems I can’t resist documenting my sims’ existences in written format.  Tumblr is just so hard to find stuff in later, I decided to write this story down here for posterity 🙂

In high school, Dustin would have been in aspiration failure constantly, without dates with Angela.  In college they enjoyed each other’s company when they had time.  They only have one bolt, and are in a committed relationship.  Angela had an engagement want, and I thought it was worth sending them to Twikki to see if Dustin might roll some wants.  He didn’t, and after Twikki, they’ve had a very lackluster interest in each other, but neither has wanted to break up either.   When I played Dustin, he had no interest in Angela.  Then when I was playing Mary-Sue’s house, I thought it would be nice for Angela to come see her mom, and maybe even move back in at home.  Angela met Ricky there, and they have two bolts.   He and Mary-Sue don’t have any formal commitment to each other, but he is staying at the house.  At this point I really do not know what’s going to happen next.  Out of self-respect, Angela will make other arrangements for herself and her baby, and unless something changes, go on with her life, without Dustin, but of course, now they will have shared custody of this child and have to work out those logistics.  Angela won’t be able to stay at the loft apartment with a baby, due to the noise and the lack of space.


10 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    I’m glad you wrote here! I have trouble reading and following Tumblr stories . This was really dramatic !

    • Thanks, Cathytea! I really regretted sending them on that Twikki vacation, but Angela does want to have the baby and I’m sure it will all be ok in the end. I just wish I’d spent some time playing Dustin to realize he wasn’t interested in the relationship anymore, first.

  2. meowfaze says:

    I agree with cathytea. It’s hard following stories on Tumbler. I can’t wait to see what happens!

    • Thanks Meowfaze, that helps mitigate my guilt a bit…

      Claims going on hiatus… starts blogging a new neighborhood….

      But I do intend to limit this (play and blogging) so it’s not stressful.

  3. Oh man, how awful to finally get pregnant when things are falling apart between them. I can see how the idea of a kid would be scary to someone who had such a big hand in raising younger siblings, but man up Dustin! I doubt they should try to stay together or anything, but I do hope he’ll pull his head out of his butt and help to support this baby.

    Was the baby conceived on that trip? What a twist of fate!

  4. Right?! I couldn’t believe it, that she got pregnant from that one woohoo at Twikki. They’ve probably woohooed twice at college and then, and that’s it. I wonder if inteen birth control doesn’t work on vacation. Dustin had miserable teen years, caring for two younger siblings, trying to earn money, and trying to pass classes, so it is understandable that he’s upset. He seems like he’s in la la land though since he graduated, basically on autonomy he’s just sort of lazing about (head in the butt is pretty accurate). Thanks for commenting!

  5. Carla says:

    I’m glad you’re posting this here! I can never keep up with stories on Tumblr. :\

    The way Dustin is acting at the moment, I wonder how involved a dad he’ll be. I can see him gradually scaling back visits and leaving much of the parenting with Angela. Angela, Ricky and Mary-Sue sounds like a soap opera style scenario. Even without a formal commitment, I can’t imagine it would go over well with Mary-Sue!

    • So true, soap opera for sure! Pleasantview is sort of skewed towards this kind of drama with all the memories and personalities the way they are set up. Poor Mary-Sue- she is doing better than when she constantly rolled wants for Daniel, but still pines for Daniel sometimes, and knowing her daughter betraying her like this with her rebound guy would be so painful. I don’t really see Angela acting on it further (the fling with Ricky) out of compassion for her mother.. even though she has two bolts with Ricky. But Ricky and Angela both have family aspirations so maybe they will pursue the relationship.

      Me too, I don’t see much promise that Dustin is going to be an involved dad. I felt badly for him, too, since he grew up in chronic stress and was no where near ready to think about having kids. I didn’t realize he wouldn’t want commitment, since he’s relied on Angela so much as a teen and young adult, but so far, he has no interest in commitment.

  6. maisie says:

    Oh man, sucks that Angela got pregnant on their vacation. It should have been a great time away, doing something that is extra special for them, and finding out their relationship is closing and a baby is coming. That’s how it goes in life sometimes though. I’m glad that Angela seems to realize that Dustin isn’t in it, and she isn’t putting her life on hold with expectations for him. Hopefully he will come around, but she has to do what is best for her and the baby.

    • Can you believe that timing?! I think I could have saved her from this pregnancy had I realized that I had her on Inteen birth control, and not ACR birth control. I forgot that both mods have those settings. Angela is an organized person who is working towards a graduate degree, so I think she would have been really careful. However, she’s also got a family aspiration and wants to have the baby, with or without Dustin.

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