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My Mortal Soul

Take Me to the Moon 7.12

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Journal of Count Vladistraus, Months Later

My old friend, Caleb, came to me tonight.  He has given up his undead corporeal self, and is at peace.  Although he beseeched me to help him stop Absinthe, he is not bitter.  How I long for that myself, peace.

Grayson Tesla’s Journal

Another day has come without me finding the way to leave this place.  At the height of the sun’s journey across the sky, when I am outside, wandering the many porches and parapets, I believe I have found the will to leave.  But day after day, I find myself confounded and confused, and as the darkness quickly approaches, I find that I fear leaving, and losing my lover, as much as I fear staying, and losing my mortal soul.

Praying for strength in the manor’s dark chapel does not help.  Memories of my own victims cast enough doubt that I cannot summon the moral strength to  extricate myself from her grasp.

From the parapet at the highest point I can find, I watch the light, and my resolve, fade.

Sunset finds me, once again, descending from the roof,  into my dark room to meet my lover.  My heart skips as I anticipate her arrival.

I fear that she knows I plan to escape.  I can’t bear to imagine losing her, yet I fear she will eventually kill me, perhaps when she has gotten everything she wants from me.

Months wear on.  Autumn and Winter come and go.  I hope to be delivered from this passion, or at least, it must end soon, as my soul is withering and must soon die.

As I creep down from the parapet one night, a little later than usual, something catches my eye in a third story room.  Through the glass door, I see a pregnant woman  standing in the nursery, gazing at an empty bassinet.   I peer through the glass, afraid of what I may see, but unable to turn away.

She suddenly turns and looks into my eyes.  It is she, Absinthe.   My lover has come to me in many forms, but this is not one I have seen before.  Is this our child she carries?

When I return to my room, I sink onto my bed as my my mind spins.  I remember the letter from Caleb Vatore, warning her not to bring a child into the world.  So it is our child, this child, of which they wrote.

The Count appears.  He does not speak, but only looks at me.

An intense drowsiness is coming over me.  I must sleep.

Journal of Count Vladistraus

Absinthe will deliver the child soon.  I have made my choice, knowing it will invoke her wrath. Caleb’s peace has inspired me.

Nightly, I watch over the child’s father, who I have placed in a deep sleep.    He must rest now, free of her.  He must gain his physical strength as well as his resolve.  She does not haunt him while I am here, and I do not know if she suspects I interfere, or if she does suspect, perhaps she is absorbed with the imminent delivery of her child and believes herself to be unstoppable.

Only as dawn breaks, and I know that Absinthe is in her coffin, do I trust to leave him unattended.

Gameplay Notes:

  • The ghost of Caleb Vatore is not a sim I control, but at a few key points in the story he has appeared, much to my delight.
  • The Count has the ability to cause sims to sleep.
  • Absinthe is expecting Grayson’s child!  Our Generation 8 heir is going to arrive VERY soon, March 11th!  I hope you’re enjoying this part of the legacy story, I’ve enjoyed playing and writing it.






18 Comments so far:

  1. I really loved this part 😀 It was dark but very fun, I can’t wait to meet the new heir 😀 can vampire’s children be vampires too like in sims 3? 😀

    • V, thanks! Me too, I’m very excited for you all to meet Grayson & Absinthe’s baby. Yes, vampires can have vampire babies in Sims 4. There’s a higher than 50% chance that their child will be a vampire since the normal odds are 50% and they live on a Vampire Ley Line. It’s also really fun that Absinthe has had an energized moodlet while pregnant called “Hoping for Fangs.” Thanks for reading!

  2. cathytea says:

    Oh, this plot is great ! I love the way you write horror ! Grayson is jealous , right ? If I’m remembering correctly , then that ties in perfectly with the obsessive nature of this plot !

    • Cathytea, thanks 🙂 Actually, Grayson’s father, Fearghus, has the jealous trait. But Grayson has been a little obsessive himself with his klepto trait, which is, I guess a type of compulsion, and your observation about him being caught up in this is really astute. Grayson finished the Chief of Mischief aspiration and has spent his teen years stealing and sabotaging other sims’ homes. He’s always had the upper hand in any situation, up till now. I hope you are well and thanks for reading!

      • cathytea says:

        Oh, right! Fearghus was jealous! He did so well working with that trait that I forgot! Grayson is really interesting–this is quite a situation for him to be caught up in! I am doing well, thanks! 🙂

  3. They’re at war over Grayson! This is so intense! I love the way you wrote Grayson’s confusion before you explained how the count is watching over him, and how they’re both controlling him for their different reasons. Wow, so it’s been months now! As a mom, I have to wonder whether his parents are shitting bricks at home right now because he never came back from his little “business trip”, lol! (I know he’s an adult now, but only just, right?)

    The count is a very benevolent vampire. I wonder what Absinthe would do to him if she catches his interference?

    I can’t wait to meet this baby!

    • Laura, it makes me very happy that you’re enjoying this plot line. Great point about his parents, because, yes, he just became a young adult. I thought about showing them worrying and reporting him missing, but since they are Sims 4 sims, they’re no doubt just happily going about their normal business. Anyway, I do try to limit switching between active households with this being a legacy-style game.

      The count is very benevolent here, and to keep the legacy moving along I haven’t delved into it, but he is supposed to be like a foil of Grayson– he’s used people his whole life, and been able to control and manipulate things, and now he’s grown weary of that unending undead existence and ready to make a grand gesture to find redemption (like the Bram Stoker’s dracula in the movie by Coppola). He’s also supposed to represent some hope for Grayson that he may someday choose that path but I still don’t know how Grayson’s character is going to evolve as a result of all these events, ultimately.

      Good question about Absinthe’s reaction to the Count’s interference. She’s not nearly as powerful as the Count, in the game. He has more than twice the perks she has and is at the highest level of vampire power. If their path diverges from the Gen 8 heir, I’ll have to decide how much to continue to include them in the story.

      And me too, I’m excited for you all to meet the heir. Thanks so much for commenting!

  4. meowfaze says:

    I love your story. Absinthe’s moodlet is cute. 🙂

  5. Carla says:

    Oooh, a baby! If it is a vampire baby, I’m kind of curious to see what this will mean for the rest of the story. Will Absinthe allow Grayson to escape with the baby? Will he or she decide Absinthe needs to leave and live back in your regular hood with the Teslas? And what will the rest of the Teslas think of all of this?

    I’m glad you explained the Count’s power to cause sims to sleep, because I actually thought that was Grayson becoming a vampire! I know nothing about vampires in TS4, except what I’ve read in your story. 😀

    All these people keeping a close watch on Grayson. I don’t think Absinthe has very pure intentions but it seems like the Count is genuinely trying to keep him safe.

  6. Exactly- if this heir is a vampire, it will certainly affect his or her life and the story; even if the baby isn’t a vampire I have a little bit of follow up planned as she or he matures. But anyway, some of your answers will come in the next two chapters.

    I didn’t explain all the context about what’s going on with everyone’s intentions here, because of the limited perspective I’m using, but Absinthe is basically being a rogue vampire here, keeping a mortal indefinitely alive and having a child with him. The Count is much older, much more powerful, but also more “burnt out” or world weary, so he’s had to warm up to the idea of opposing her. He had been in a long slump and she’s been basically doing whatever she wants, which, as Caleb’s letter hinted, isn’t a path other vampires endorse.

    All of that is loosely based on my perspective of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (the Coppola movie version, although the line is also in the book) where the three female vampires at the castle want to keep Jonathan as a plaything and the count says that’s not his purpose in being there and they can’t do that. In the movie they replied something like, “you don’t love anymore, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to,” but they mean sexual love. The implication is, in the movie version, the Count is motivated to move to London because Jonathan’s wife looks like a reincarnation of his long lost love, which is more of a pure love that makes you want to do the right thing.

    I picture Absinthe, bored of her regular diversions of hunting, planning out and executing this long “con” which involves imprisoning Grayson and then having a baby which she hopes will be her own protege. I’m not hugely into most vampire lore (although at the moment in the middle of this reply it sure seems like it!) but I think it often includes a limit on how many people vampires are allowed to “turn,” and having a child vampire just seems even more of a taboo, even for vampires. I probably got that idea from Interview with a Vampire, because of the little girl that the vampire LeStat turned, which caused a lot of problems.

    The next chapter reveals a little more of motivation and context as well.

    Thanks so much for commenting!

  7. Echo Weaver says:

    Woo! It’s good to know that Grayson has an ally! I was wondering if he’d find the will to escape when he sees is own child.

    We shall see….

  8. By the way, I’m looking forward to the Samples and Wonderlands’ eventual return 🙂

  9. maisie says:

    Ooo great snap of her pregnant through the window. I’m super curious if Caleb will be right, and she won’t enjoy the torture her child is likely to endure. I love the prospect of the baby being the next heir too! Such a fun, twisted legacy this has been, full of twists and turns. I’m glad that the Count is giving him a hand, it really seemed that she might just keep him around and kill him once the baby was born safely. This is all intriguing!

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